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New Iwo Square Excites Residents, Visitors


This year’s Christmas and New Year season is being observed in Iwoland with a difference.

Residents of Iwoland and visitors to the ancient town emerged for the Christmas season to witness a glittering new statue donning the central square in the heart of the town.

The square complete with the symbol of the popular bird Odidere is also beautifully decorated as a mark of the season.

It was all thanks to the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu 1, who built the square and watched over it’s decoration.

Many Iwo residents were seen beaming with excitement at the glimpse of the beautiful statue.

Even Oluwo himself was full of excitement with the new square which he says is the beginning of many beautiful things to come in the ancient city.

Called Iwo City Centre Square, Telu Square, Oluwo said it was to uplift the town and make it a tourist attraction.

According to Oba Telu, this square is the beginning of a new era and the building of a modern city that will be the envy of other towns a and cities.

The Odidere (parrot) symbol on top of the square is to complement the age-long description of Iwo, Iwo Nile Odidere, meaning Iwo is the home of Parrot.



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