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Nigeria is Going Through a Divine Process


As a minister-of-God and Prophet-of-God, I want to state prophetically that God is processing Nigeria for greatness, despite the socio-political and economic crises Nigeria and Nigerians are passing through. Some countries cannot withstand the process Nigeria is presently going through, as they would have broken-up, but because Nigeria’s destiny is greater, hence, the price we are paying is more. Really Nigeria is suffering from self-induced poverty, brought upon the people by successive leadership, which never had the care of the people at heart.

It is regretting that despite the abundant natural and human resources, many infrastructural facilities have broken down, power supply is not stable, roads across the country are in terrible shape, hospitals not fully equipped, unemployment is on the increase, and so on, hence, the totality is as a result of bad leadership.

Politicians are hereby warned not to take the people for granted, as we are getting ready for election period, as the only thing that could insulate Nigeria from these crises is a free, fair and credible election. Until Nigerians begin to genuinely walk in the way of the Lord, the country would continue to experience diverse upheavals on the political, economic and social spheres.

Shamefully, most Nigerians merely pretend to love God, noting that the actions of many in the country are patently ungodly. It is also lamentable that corruption had totally enveloped the nation, even as politicians and those at the corridor of power must work towards the progress of the country.

I also want to seize this opportunity to call on our leaders, on the need to make probity and the fear of God, the bedrock of their dealings with the people, so that peace and prosperity will prevail in the land.

Also, the leaders should have reverence for God and heed the prophetic messages from men of God, so that it will be well with them and the nation. Men of God, also, should always pray for the nation’s leaders, so that they will be able to surmount  every obstacle on the way and lead us well, so that, Nigeria can attain greatness, peace, tranquility and blessings.

Rev / Prophet Oladipupo Funmilade – Joel (Baba Sekunderin) Evangelistic Ministries (TWOREM)


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