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Nigeria Must be Mindful of Importation of GMO Food, Says Don

By Yetunde Oladejo, Osogbo
A Professor of Health Physics and Environment at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Joshua Ojo has said that Nigeria have no business bringing Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), also known as “WonderSeeds” into its food production system.
GMO is described as seeds that cannot be generated by natural means such as hybridization.
Ojo, who is also the President of Living Science Foundation, Ile-Ife stated this at the 4th National Conference on Environment and Health organised by the foundation at the Redeemer’s University, Ede with the theme; “Managing The Environment-Nutrition Nexus For Optimal Public Health”.
He noted that GMOs in food is a serious threat to human health saying that, “The mortal threat GMOs consistute for food sovereignty is certainly sufficient ground to reject it entrance into our food system.”
Ojo stated that several developed countries have conducted dozens of studies on the safety of GMOs and that those studies made them to ban it in those countries.
According to him, “At least 19 countries in Europe, including technology giants like Germany, France, Italy, Austria are convinced GMOs have no place in foods and food products.
“Indeed, a country like Russia ( not exactly a technological Lilliput) is so averse to GMO that it has laws equating people who would bring in GMOs into the country with terrorists bringing biological weapons of mass destruction.”
He however said that he is not outrightly insisting that GMO food should be banned from Nigeria but that, “Nigerians must be in charge of the entire process and this can only happen when  we have the technology sufficiently demystified, cleared of all wild unsubstantiated claims, taught freely in our universities with pros and cons fully discussed and researched in designated laboratories by compatriots free from the influence of blood haunting Shylocks from abroad.”
in the his keynote address Dr, Gafar Alawode who spoke on “Environmental Impact of Implementation of Basic Health Care Provisions Fund in Nigeria” noted that the nation’s health system is on the weak level.
He maintained that all health reforms system has failed to address the needed health care delivery in the country.
Alawode also said that bad health policies has impacted negatively on the nation’s health System.
He however urged all the stakeholders in the system to rise up and ensure that the needed health care delivery and insurance are workable for the development of ourselves, the Country at large.
Also, the Vice-chancellor of the Reedemer’s University Ede, Osun State Professor Anthony Akinlo said that the university has been in the fore front of combating environmental diseases like lassa fever, ebola and other dangerous diseases.
He stressed that through the impacts of environment cleanliness the issue of environmental problem such as Ebola virus, Lasar fever and all other environmental problem had become a thing of the past in the Institution.
The Chairman of the conference Professor Ademola Omisakin posited that the forum would provide strategic needs to address the issues of our environmental problems.
Omisakin observed that taken good care of our environment it would assist in the developmental efforts as well as impacting positively in human life.
In his own submission the Executive Secretary of Osun State Health insurance Scheme, Dr Niyi Ogini emphasised the need for avoidable healthcare system.
He said in Osun State very soon the health insurance scheme would take its rightful place for all to enjoy.

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