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Nigeria State: Group Lambasts Restructuring Agitators, Calls For Good Leadership

By: Okunade Adekunle, Lagos
A group, Activists For Good Governance (AGG), has lambasted the agitators for restructuring and separation, calling for the unity of the country.
The group in a press conference held in Lagos, at the weekend, explained that the Yoruba Summit held in Ibadan was a momental fraud whose recommendations were majorly to favour the conveners.
Com. Declain Ihekaire
AGG stressed that the country under the leadership of President Buhari has performed beyond expectations, stressing further that those clamouring for restructuring and separation are incompetent in designing how the country would be run.
The group leader, Com. Declain Ihekaire, added, “The calls and agitations by some individual group aiming at separating or tearing Nigeria into bits have reached its peak and if not addressed by the Nigerian State and dedicated Nigerians, it could appear a victory for those elements.”
Ihekaire added further, “Nigeria’s founder fathers worked for a united Nigeria despite their differences because they saw the light in the Nigeria nation as a united one. However, our new crop of leaders and some followers have been working earnestly to cause hatred among its citizenry calling for separation. No doubt combination of strengths and weaknesses will make Nigeria stronger.”
He stressed, “The agitators rather than beating the drum of ethnic war embarking on a genocidal hate speeches should form a formidable forces against the spoilers/looters of our treasury. Findings have revealed that those separatists have either benefited or benefitting from the cabals who have held Nigeria as a Nation down all these years.”
Declain added, “Those clamouring for restructuring should come and learn how Governor Ambode of Lagos is restructuring Lagos.”
The group, however, called on the separatists to have a rethink and put all effort towards challenging the elected and appointed leaders to perform, stressing that government should avoid been seen as ethnic inclined government.
The group concluded, “Appointments should be and must be based on the Federal Characters Policy but for the best qualified ones. This advice if heeded to, would tend to reduce the current agitations.”

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