Nigeria Turkish Nizamiye Hospital: Delivering Quality Health Service


    Nizamiye means Gateway in Arabic. That is the name of the Nigerian Turkish Hospital in Abuja; the Nigeria Turkish Nizamiye Hospital established by Turkish investors in the country under the aegis of the First Surat Group of Companies. The high profile, well-equipped hospital is the healthcare arm of the Nigerian Turkish International Colleges (NTIC), writes OLUMIDE BAJULAIYE in Abuja

    The paved pathways lead to a magnificent four-storey edifice sitting comfortably on a large expanse of land. Beautiful artworks are displayed lavishly along the laminated walls. The front desk officers welcome visitors and patients alike to Nigerian Turkish Nizamiye Hospital, Abuja with a warm smile. At first, you may think you are in a five-star hotel. As you are still struggling with your thoughts, a little signpost with the inscription-Welcome to Nizamiye Hospital lets the cat out of the bag. The serenity of the atmosphere could ignite the much-needed healing of patients at the hospital. With a beautiful building fitted with state of the art medical equipment including a centralized air conditioning system, automatic smoke detection system, fire extinguishing system and 50 CCTV cameras, the Nigerian Turkish Nizamiye Hospital is quietly delivering heath services in Abuja. Apart from having 10 Turkish and 6 Nigerian doctors on full-time basis, the hospital boasts a nurse alert system along with modern equipment. The comfort of patients is so important that special hospital beds are available at Nizamiye as well as a three-course meal for any admitted patient and a family member. To feel comfortable in a hospital is unlikely you might say, but in the case of Nizamiye, the hospital has been built in a way that it serves as a provider of comfort in a bid to soothe the pains and agony of patients. The reputation of trustworthiness and high performance that the Turkish Colleges and Nile University have been associated with in Nigeria paved way for the easy acceptance and friendly reaction of Nigerians to the Nizamiye Turkish Hospital. Because good health service can easily be accessed there, the hospital offers Nigerians the option of staying in the country to receive world class treatment rather than travelling abroad.

    Dr. Ahsen: Nigeria, Best Choice for Us

    The hospital was officially opened in February 2014, just a year ago, yet Nigerians are flooding Nizamiye for medical treatment. Asked why the First Surat Group thought of creating an institution to deliver health care in Nigeria, the Medical Director of Nigerian Turkish Nizamiye Hospital, Dr. Mustafa Ahsen, said: “We wanted to come to Africa and Nigeria was the best choice for us because it is a really big country. Population is high in comparison to other African countries”.Dr. Ahsen said the hospital‘s mantra and vision is one focused mainly on the improvement of lives of people. “We would like to revive people and be revived ourselves through love, affection, kindness and respect for others. We will never lose our compassion and concern and fall into the wrong delusions of viewing our patients as file numbers. We want to approach people who are suffering, distressed, frightened and on the verge of despair with empathy to end their pain,” he added.

    Nizamiye Hospital represents every inch of what a world class hospital should be. “Our vision is to be the answer to trusted medical services, Dr. Ahsen said.

    Nizamiye Hospital to date has performed over 70 surgeries successfully. The quality of staff is top-notch. Though a Turkish hospital, 70 percent of the staff are brilliant and experienced Nigerian doctors, nurses and laboratory scientists. The emphasis at the hospital is proper investigation and diagnosis, having in mind that many lives have been lost due to mis-diagnosis.  The hospital also specializes in cancer diagnosis using microscopic bone marrow analysis. With a well-equipped cardiology clinic that uses ECHO, ECG and Treadmill to diagnose cardiovascular diseases, travelling abroad for medical treatment may just be a waste of time and money. The Urology clinic in the hospital uses the transurethral resection technique without cuts for prostrate operations and kidney stones extraction.

    According to Dr. Ahsen, the Radiology clinic is equipped with a 4D ultrasonography machine which lets you watch inside the body in 3D view. Special facilities available at the hospital include modern Radiology, 4D ultrasonography Scan, MRI and CT Scan. Nizamiye boasts intensive care unit, 30 consultation rooms and 55-bed capacity. Some of the major units of the hospital include Emergency ward, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Eye Clinic, Orthopedics Surgery, Dermatology, Urology, Neurology, ENT, Dental Clinic, Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, Radiology among others.

    Our Doctors Mostly Senior Consultants, Professors, Says PRO Mohammed

    Most of the doctors are Senior Consultants and Professors, according to the Public Relations Offic,er, Mr. Mohammed. “We don’t use general practitioners to see a patient, examine a patient, diagnose or prescribe drugs. If you have a good hospital without sound doctors you cannot get what you want. We have all  it requires to say this hospital is the best. We have equipment. We just finished installing our angiography for heart tenting and pacemaker”.

    Asked if the hospital was established mainly for the upper echelon of the Nigerian society, Mohammed said it is for everybody, “with the type of service we render, you will see that it is cheap. Like our drugs we import them, most of our drugs, because some of our patients complained. We started with Nigerian purchased drugs, but our patients say no they don’t want because most of our drugs are not up to the standard. The management of the hospital believes in the indigenous drugs, but our patients said no, they don’t want, but we did n’t have any approval for importing drugs, but one of our patients volunteered to help us.

    “He introduced us to the Director-General of NAFDAC and we are okay now. Though we cannot sell them outside, but we sell at our Pharmacy unit of the hospital and our patients are very happy with the drugs.

    Free Catarrach Operation…

    At present the hospital renders free catarrach operation to less-privileged Nigerians. According to Mohammed, the hospital’s target is 1, 500 patients. Working with some NGOs, the hospital gives free medical services as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. “There are some orphanages home that we treat their inmate free if they bring them here. Everything free, accommodation, surgery, everything free. If any operation is required, we don’t collect anything from them. For rural development, we have a programme, every Saturday a team of our doctors do visit some villages and carry out some medical examinations. If there is any serious case, they bring them to the hospital and we treat them free”.

    Nizamiye hospital offers focused antenatal care “that is better, cheaper, faster and with an evidence-based approach. “We have a well-developed focused ANC package that includes counseling, examination and tests that serves immediate purposes and have proven health benefits, Mohammed stressed. This is done in collaboration with a well-known international organization called Time to Help and Sanitas Foundation from the Netherlands for free Health Checkup. Time to Help Foundation supports free health care service with seven doctors and four medical staff deployed to the aid areas. About 300 people have benefited from the healthcare exercise, which entailed treating ill patients and supplying them necessary medicine. “Our endless effort to have a reference hospital, which will enable us perform more sophisticated surgeries in Nigeria will of course compel us to progress further and further,” said Dr. Ahsen.


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