Nigeria Under Existential Threat, Pius Anyim Warns


    Former Senate President, Anyim Pius Anyim, has warned that the corporate existence of Nigeria as a nation is being threatened.

    He said that President Muhammadu Buhari must call for dialogue of all Nigerians with a view to finding a solution to the current challenges facing the country, thereby averting the coming Armageddon.

    Amyim, in an open letter to the President, said the current violent agitations across the country, even the Boko Haram insurgency started from non-violent agitation.

    He said that for the country to resolve the current crises, Nigerians must come together to dialogue.

    The former senate president recalled the Willink’s Commission of 1957, which was constituted to address the fear of domination by the minority ethnic groups.

    According to him, the President should constitute another commission of inquiry to inquire into the agitations by the various groups in the country.

    He said: “The Willink’s Commission of 1957, named after its chairman Mr. Harry Willink, produced a far-reaching report after extensive hearings of the complaints and suggestions from the people.

    “It can be argued that no other document in the history of Nigeria has had far-reaching impact on our political structure than the Willink’s report.

    “It guided the debates in subsequent constitutional conferences before the independence; gave structure to the emergent Constitutions and indeed gave health to the socio-political structure of the nation at independence.

    “The greatest achievement of Willink’s Commission is that its report provided the colonial administration and the nation an in-depth understanding of the nature, dimensions and magnitude of the fears of the minority tribes.

    “Accordingly, its recommended solutions became an official position and were easily accepted to be constitutionalised as a long-term measure.

    “There is no gainsaying that reservation about the continued existence of Nigeria is building up to a dangerous time bomb.

    “I make bold to say that no solution except one birthed by an independently conducted engagement with fact-based recommendations arrived at with the participation of the citizens will provide an enduring solution.

    “It has become apparent that the foundation of the various agitations in Nigeria today is that the comfort provided at independence by the Willink’s Commissions report is no longer working.

    “I make bold to recommend that Mr. President should make history by empanelling another commission of inquiry to inquire into the violent and non-violent agitations in Nigeria and make recommendations on the immediate-, short- and long-term solutions as a way of first de-escalating the rising tension in the land and a process for the renewal of our march to nationhood.”








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