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Nigerian Born Actor Accuses Hollywood Of Racism, wants President Biden’s Intervention


A  Hollywood Actor and Director of Nigerian descent, Jeta Amata has called for the urgent intervention of President Joe Biden to remove the racial hurdles for Black Actors and entertainers in Hollywood to help them excel in their careers.

This is important according to him for Africans to tell the undiluted stories of Africa to the world so that the world can appreciate the gains and challenges of Africa and Africans in the Diaspora.

To drive home his points, he has finalized arrangements to sue major stakeholders and distributors of films and entertainment works in Hollywood for institutional racism against him as well as against other top entertainers of African descent.

According to him, there is a carefully orchestrated and shrouded style among Hollywood promoters and distributors to play down or kill any movie, music or any other entertainment works that paints Africa in good light whether there are historical facts to back up or not.

The stories they jump at, according to him, are stories that paint Africa in bad light and perhaps give the blackman a bad reputation.

He stated that he is speaking out of experience because more than three of his films which could have boosted historical understanding of the black race have been stepped down for no just cause after he has invested heavily financially to make them.

He specifically mentioned Neflix, Amazon Prime, Entertainment One, Numetro, DSTV even Shell amongst others as those involved in this untoward attitude that is gradually silencing patriotic African voices in Hollywood.

He added that in order to save future artists, he has decided to take them to court in Nigeria for the world to see the shrouded injustice and racism that has kept the blackman down as well as given the image of a dark continent to Africa over the years.

“Movies and music are very powerful tools of influence across the world and the agenda of Hollywood as presently constituted is to stifle any storyline that will rightly chronicle the history of the blackman in order to inspire young black people across the world to be better citizens through lessons from their heritage.

“Every storyline they approve for wide distribution is meant to kill the morale of the Blackman and this is exactly what I am fighting against,” he said.

He continued: “Even world renown Senegalese born musician Akon and Wyclef from the Republic of Haiti have been unofficially banned from the industry in Hollywood due to the conspiracy of distribution agencies who are mainly racists.

“They gang up and smartly desist from promoting their works because they insist on being themselves on issues of African dignity.

“Akon insisted on managing Lady Gaga whom he discovered and refused to play a second fiddle while Wyclef sang Dialo Dialo which was a story of what police brutality was doing to the black man in the United States which finally reared its head on the recent brutal killing of George Flyod.

“Their sin was that they insisted on doing what they believed in without following racist rules.”



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