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Nigerians Are Dying Under Your Watch, PDP Tells Buhari


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday said President Muhammadu Buhari must take proactive actions to end the current slide into anarchy, occasioned by killings, kidnapping and the general state of insecurity in the country.

The party also carpeted the APC-led government for the way it has destroyed the economy with the country incurring huge debt profile in less than five years.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, PDP National Chairman, Uche Secondus said Nigeria is in a perilous state, occasioned by terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, arson, and inexplicable murderous rampage across the nation.”

According to him, the Federal Government seems to be powerless and lacks the will power to reign in the rampaging criminal gangs.

Secondus said the failure of government in tackling the security issues is manifested by the fact of the successful operations by bandits on daily basis without security agencies being able to eliminate them.

The party urged the Federal Government to seek foreign help in combating the deadly onslaught of the criminals.

It also called on Nigerians to support the call for the establishment of state police.

“Mindful of the current plethora of vigilante in various parts of the country, which have not been enabled to carry out all the elements of effective policing, we call on the governors of the 36 states, the leadership and members of the National Assembly, the Speakers of the State Assemblies, relevant agencies of government, to occasion a summit for a one-stop shop regarding the creation, structure, and management of state police.

“In spite of the concerns over state police, it is doubtful that 36 state police services can be easily overwhelmed, as is the case now with the unitary police.

“Besides, any challenges can be addressed through legislative framework to make abuse extremely difficult, if not impossible.

“We also call for the deployment of technology in the fight against terror, banditry, and other crimes.

“The PDP demands that all culprits should be brought to book. The apparent failure of intelligence to track attacks by bandits and follow up on them is a clear failure of the intelligence community.

“The Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited NIGCOMSAT established many years ago by a PDP administration, is designed for this purpose and others.

“States, where matters of national security challenges originate or exist, should be invited to the National Security Council Meeting for deliberation and problem-solving interactions.

“We call for the creation of National Border Protection Force to secure our borders. This will include an integrated border protection system that will draw personnel and equipment from existing armed service and Immigration

“There must be a synergy and cooperation among the armed services, strategically and operationally. There is no reason a theatre Commander should not have within his control the deployment of the Air Force, the Army, and the Navy in his operational area.

“If Sheik Gumi could detect and engage the bandits, we do not understand why our security agencies cannot track, arrest, and prosecute them.

“The administration of President Buhari should completely shed weight on arrogance, lack of respect for Nigerians and its pretences of being an island of integrity,” Secondus said.

Speaking on the state of the economy, the PDP chairman accused the government of being “completely rudderless.”

He said that with a debt profile of about N1.8 trillion, when this government came to power in 2015, Nigeria’s debt overhang is now N32.9 trillion.

“It is curious that the only economic management tool known by this government is just mind-boggling borrowing. This includes borrowing for recurrent expenditure as well as for consumption.

“The incompetence and absence of a clear policy for the economy is fast leading us into the woods of insolvency, which was recently confirmed by NNPC’s confession that it would not be able to make remittances to FAAC for the month of April as well as the confusing response of government regarding the appropriate use of Ways and Means (printing money) to address our mounting economic challenges,” he said.

The party called government to stop borrowing, while it also engage experts to help it creatively navigate the nation through the dire economic challenges they have led the nation into.



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