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Nigerians Can Wear Red to Vote on February 14


Like it or not this year, Nigerians won’t be celebrating the St. Valentines Day as usual because on that day, the citizens would be electing their president for the next four years.

Some young people will obviously be angry with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), especially with Prof. Attahiru Jega for choosing a day that has become synonymous with candle-lit dinners, going to the movies and sharing some moments together as the day for Nigeria’s important election.

But the INEC boss did not spoil the day for only those young Valentine’s Day enthusiasts Mr. Jega must have also entered the black book of restaurants, eat-outs, hotels, fast food outlets and cinemas as they would lose a substantial number of their potential customers to the polling centres. Chaii! Jega has really spoiled business for some people.

However, that is for the average Nigerian.

I am quite sure that after voting must have closed on February 14, I won’t be too shocked to see some other people, who would still find the time to go do their Valentine wahala, trust some Nigerians, they won’t miss it for anything in the world, not even an election involving their beloved President Jonathan and his main challenger, General Muhammadu Buhari.

But as a form of consolation for the day which Prof. Jega has spoilt for some people, I recommend that every Nigerian should wear red to the polling booth on that day, not just the young, Valentine-crazy boys and girls alone, but also our papas and mamas.

Since Prof. Jega seemed to be in love with Valentine’s Day and had chosen February 14 as election date, we all have no other option than put on our red dresses and go to the voting centre and show that we love our country by electing the right candidate to lead us.

Give Nigeria a gift on February 14 and this could be your best

Valentine in a long time to come!

I am not sure you know what I mean?


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