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VOX POP: Nigerians Demand Access To NIN Free Registration, Linking Deadline Extension


By Mosunmola Ayobami, Kwara

Nigerians across all walks of life have called on the Federal Government to extend the deadline for Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) linkage to National Identity Number (NIN).

The Federal government in 2020 directed Nigerians with SIM to link their NIN, on or before Tuesday, 19th, January (today) 2021, maintaining that failure to do so, the SIM would be blocked

Western Post correspondent in Ilorin, Kwara state brings extract from Nigerians who said the FG directive on NIN  exercise amid the second wave of COVID-19 is dangerous and unwarranted.

Below are their responses

Tosin Bamiji-  Student

This country is confused with the most confused set of leaders. You can use your phone number to generate your NIN but you still need to link your phone number to the same NIN- that’s awkward.

This is the main reason people think COVID-19 is fake. The man on the street believes that if COVID-19 is real, the FG won’t be asking people to gather somewhere to register their NIN.

They think FG wants to exaggerate the COVID-19 figures as usual and they are looking for ways to make the figures rise by all means.

The truth is COVID-19 is real, very real.  I am a student. Yes, I am a postgraduate student. I study Microbiology and in no way do I doubt the existence of COVID-19. It is real. Let the government measures prove it is real as well.

Let our actions, inactions, and directives be according to the COVID-19 rules.

Why will the government come up with such a directive at this period when the infection is at its peak again. So weird!


Fadeyi Babajide-Civil servant

Fadeyi Babajide
Fadeyi Babajide

My take is that NIN exercise by the FG  is a good idea and FG should be commended for the initiative.

This will help the country to develop in many spheres. Many fraudulent activities will be checked through the initiative.

Meanwhile, considering the situation in the country now as a result of a deadly pandemic, the directive should have been suspended till after this pandemic.

The exercise shouldn’t have been carried out at a time the whole country is not safe in the hand of COVID-19. This poses many dangers for Nigerians.

Yes, I urged FG to extend the ongoing registration. One, due to the pandemic and the crowd of unregistered people/applicants at the different NIMC offices which makes it impossible to register all Nigerians on or before the deadline. In view of this among many other factors, I call for the extension of the exercise.

Linking NIN to SIM is very important and necessary. This will help the country to have a valid database of its citizen which we lack.




It’s okay to link up NIN with SIM for security reasons, and identification purposes. However, the extension of the period for registration should be allowed due to the ravaging of covid-19 as social distancing and other non-pharmaceutical measures could be guaranteed.


Olodan Adebayo -Journalist

Olodan Adebayo
Olodan Adebayo

Though the decision is in the right direction. l, however, believe the window given to Nigerians to link their SIM to NIN is too short given the current Covid-19 pandemic which has affected a lot of socio-economic activities.

I will sincerely call on the FG to extend the directives as millions of Nigerians are yet to link their SIM to NIN due to the pandemic.

Linking SIM to NIN is necessary at this crucial period when Nigeria is seriously battling with the challenges of insecurity, especially the rising cases of kidnapping and banditry. The move will help our security agencies tackle the aforementioned challenges head-on.


Amao Tobi- Student

Amao Tobi
Amao Tobi

The FG isn’t right with the short notice of the linking. They aren’t even considering millions of Nigerians who are yet to get their NIN. There shouldn’t even be a deadline till everyone has their NIN.

I don’t think NIN is necessary- of what importance is it if there is any, didn’t they think the time they gave was too short?

Fayomi Femi- Lecturer


Well, the policy is not well thought out considering the ravaging nature of the second wave of COVID-19.

There are several ways the government could get this done without this unnecessary policy. With technology, and subscribers can get this done without any hurdle.

The government needs not only to postpone the linking but should also suspend it indefinitely with a view to finding the best way to have the identity of her citizens on the national data base.

Olatunji Ololade-Corp member


Considering the level at which the pandemic is ravaging in the country and the linking of the subscriber identifications module to NIN shouldn’t be the federal government priority for now because it will eventually escalate the number of COVID-19 cases as citizens who are yet to register their NIN would want to do so in a bid to meet up with the deadline.

This has led to  Nigerians ignoring COVID-19 preventive measures totally.

I hereby urge the federal government to extend the deadline date for the good of Nigerians.


Adekunle Shola- Student

Adekunle Shola

I feel it’s incompetence on the part of the government. They should have a way of linking the NIN with our SIM without us doing any registration.

Overcrowding at the registration centers will enhance the spread of COVID 19.

Yes, the deadline for registration and linking should be extended as most people are still not aware of our large population.

I can’t say if the linking is necessary, it depends on the government and whatever they want to use it for.



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