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Nigerians to Experience Bleak Sallah as Economy Bites Harder

By Akin Akinremi
Muslim faithfuls may celebrate this year’s Eid- el-Kabir, popularly known as Ileya festival low key as prices of foodstuffs and rams, which go with the celebration, have hit the rooftops.
Photo Credit: Market System
Photo Credit: Market System
In most cases, prices of foodstuffs have risen by 200 percent and ram sellers are already complaining of low sales.
Muslim faithful who are of the age and can afford it are enjoined to slaughter ram to celebrate the occasion.
Investigations by WESTERN POST’s Business Editor across town revealed that the prices of rams in the market are at present on the high side.
Depending on the size, the prices range from N35,000 for a relatively small ram to about N150,000 for a big ram at markets in Kara, Moshalashi in Ipaja and Ijora, all in Lagos.
Ram sellers have attributed the huge increase to transportation cost, from the northern part of the country where the rams are taken down to Lagos, and the toll collected by officials of the states they passed through on their journey to Lagos.
In some cases, the rams were ferried to Lagos by rail through the Nigerian Railway Corporation’s coaches.
One of the ram sellers, Abu Ahmed, said it took him four days to transport a trailer load of ram from Katsina to Lagos and that he had spent close to the real cost of each of the rams he brought to Lagos as transportation and other costs.
He said he paid per ram in all the states the trailer passed through, a cost he also spread on the rams for him to make good profit.
He advised those who cannot afford it to look for an alternative means.
At Sura, Okesuna and Sandgrouse Markets on the Lagos Island, an area noted for food stuffs and cooking utensils, the story is also the same.
Traders at the market said people were afraid of coming to them to price the food items because they feared what they would meet from them.
Mrs Alake, a rice seller, said a 50 kg bag of parboiled rice sells for between N22,500 and N24,000 at the market. Groundnut oil and other ingredients too are also costly.
She said that a majority of the rice they sold at the market are imported, explaining that they buy from the smugglers at exorbitant prices and they also have to get little gains from what they buy.
The landing cost of a bag of rice, according to them, is between N18,000 to N19,000.
Meanwhile, the prices of pepper, tomatoes and alubosa are also on increase ahead of the Sallah holiday.
Two weeks ago, Lagos market was flooded with pepper and tomatoes, but as at Friday, only the rich can afford to buy at the markets visited.
Many buyers were seen parking their cars at the market to but foodstuffs, but they return with complaints that the prices have skyrocketed.
Some of the buyers, who spoke with WESTERN POST, said things were not easy at all for Nigerians, as the prices of foodstuffs and household utensils have moved up by close to 300 percent. Some of them attributed the situation to what they called the Buhari government’s economic policies.

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