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For NLC’s Show of Shame


The Nigeria Labour Congress deserves a Yellow Card for the way and manner its members disrupted the 11th National Delegates Conference of the congress last week in Abuja. The election to pick the next NLC President was disrupted over disagreements in respect of irregularities allegedly discovered in the ballot booklets produced for the vote. Congress members simply went haywire and the election became a free for all in Abuja. Coming on the eve of a general election we are all waiting for with bated breadth in the country, the NLC did not show it is different from our politicians who have not forgotten old tricks or learnt the civilised way of doings things. Politicians are used to muddling up things with a view to benefiting from them at the end of the day. Rather than teaching them one or two lessons, the NLC goons simply joined in that nefarious act. But there seems to be another opportunity for the NLC to get it right.  New election has now been called for March 12, 2015. The NLC should grab the opportunity to do things well this time round.


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