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No Dialogue with Bandits, Says NSA


The National Security Adviser, Babagan Monguno said Nigeria has what it takes to deal with the current security challenges in the country.

Monguno, who spoke in Abuja yesterday, said it is a sign of weakness for the country to dialogue with the bandits currently rampaging across the country.

He said: “We cannot keep on dwelling on dialogue. Psychologically it is not even good for us.

“It pants the picture of incapacity and I, just as the governor of Kaduna State, does not see any reason why we cannot, with all we have, deal with these elements.

“These are not people who are looking for anything that is genuine, crucial, legitimate. These are people whon are just out to perform attrocities, to take calculated measures to inflict pains and violence on people.

“At the slightest opportunity, they go haywire and so, it is important for all to realise that we are dealing with people, who are not looking for anything, people, who without provocation, will give vent to their homicidal instincts  and we must deal with them the way they have to be dealt with.”


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