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Noise Pollution: LASG Reads Riot Act to Religious Centers, Others


Lagos State Government on Tuesday while reading the riot act to operators of night clubs, bars, karaoke centres, churches and mosques in the state who are shut down due to noise pollution say the affected centres will not be reopened until a letter of guarantee is issued on their behalf by the residents association of such areas.

In a statement signed by the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Tunji Bello, he stated that the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) has been mandated to apply the full weight of the law in this wise.

He added that on a continuous basis, LASEPA officials will be going round such centres/homes and anyone found to have exceeded the allowed level of sound output will be closed down and the appropriate sanctions applied.

He added that the action became imperative because his office has been inundated with complaints and petitions from many residents and residents associations all over the state about the obnoxious noise levels of many of the leisure centres and religious homes.

Tunji Bello explained that it was also discovered that many of such leisure centres/religious homes after being reopened by the State Government usually go back to the same noise pollution for which they were earlier axed, adding that this prompted the issue of involving the residents’ associations.

He advised the affected leisure centres to procure soundproof equipment which would lessen the decibel of sound that goes out when such leisure or religious homes are engaging in business.

He emphasized that the State Government will not allow any business concern to put the healthy well being of the residents at peril simply because it wants to operate or be in business.



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