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In the North, Taxi Drivers, Cattle Rearers Hang PVC Like ID Cards


I got an information from a Yoruba man who lives in the North who was trying to defend the allegation against the INEC boss, Prof. Attahiru Jega that he distributed more Permanent Voters Card (PVC) in his own part of the country than in the rest of the federation.

According to my friend, “the naked truth the people in government are shying away from telling us is that the Northern people so much cherish their voting right and it’s paraphernalia than every other segment of our country.

“I am from the Yoruba race, living in the Northern state and I can tell you the whole truth in this regard.

“Some people have been fabricating series of lies about Jega’s intention to support and rig election for the opposition. How pathetic!

“Nothing and I say nothing can hamper any Northerner from participating in their civic roles like election. May be what they are expecting Jega and his staff to do is to be going from house to house and be giving various people their cards.

“People in the South- east and west are so passionate with our jobs and trade, we cannot risk leaving it to ‘waste’ time in PVC collection centers. Thousands of these people crying foul on INEC I can authoritatively say here has never lived in the Northern part and thereby study their ways of life and by extension, their disposition towards election.

“It is in this part of the country that I see cobblers, motor boys, artisans, cattle rearers Fulanis, all wearing their voters card like a chain around their necks. Even the taxi drivers do hang theirs inside their cars. Ask anyone living here. That is the extent of their patriotism.

But such has never been the order of the day in the rest states. The closest these people shouting foul had been to the North is Abuja and that is never an Hausa state for crying out loud.

The excuses would have been more valid and tenable against Jega,had it been the majority of the cards are not available for collection . I believe the present government need to intensify more energy in creating more  orientation and awareness for  the voters the need for them to go en masse and collect this cards.


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