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No to Postponement of Election


Sir: The cacophonous clamour for the postponement of February  14 and 28 elections is a cancer that can destroy the very foundation of our dear nation. There are many posers for its proponents.

What happens to the billions of naira committed to electioneering campaigns, media showcase, foot soldiering, and the energy dissipated to the forth coming polls? It is corollary with the allegation of kleptomania leveled against the ruling party at the centre. Our already tainted image will further reek in the global community. The claimed giant of Africa continues to fumble in the electoral process and yet approaches the advanced democracy of a good handshakes; it is akin to the demented leper chasing a sane man about for an embrace. The scene is better imagined than witnessed.

On a football pitch, the referee holds the ace, no matter how deft the match commissioner claims to be he cannot change the goal post in the middle of the game nor can he challenge the referee during the match. The insinuation that the ruling PDP is behind the plot is rife. The party and its co-travellers owe Nigeria, Nigerians and posterity a debt of explanations. When a man is trapped in a mesh the more he tries to disentangle himself the deeper is cooned. Wind blows nobody any good. The centripetal/centrifugal forces are covertly beckoning to anarchy. And civil war looms in the process. The crux of it all is how to prognosticate whether Nigeria will remain one UNITED country thereafter. Let us remember the warning of America that Nigeria will break in the year 2015.

The council of state should not bite the bileduct; it is bitter and poisnouse. June 12, 1993 and its attendant debacle remain indelible in our national psyche.

To this end, professor Atahiru Jega led INEC should be allowed to do its job and announce the winners for the covert benefit of the unborn  generation.

Adelani Olawuyi,


Oyo State


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