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Identity Crisis? Notable PDP Chieftains Decamp To APC In Droves


Nigerian politicians will not seize to amuse. With the defeat of President Jonathan at the poll, PDP chieftains are now leaving the party in droves, citing all kinds of reasons. Just check the growing list: Alhaji Alli Olanusi, Ahmed Musa Ibeto, Chief Olusola Oke, Oladunni Odu, Jeremiah Useni, Jonathan Zwingwina, Chibudum Nwuche, etc. These big names and many more are heading for APC. There are a few others, however, who said even if the heavens would fall they would remain in the party. Notable among these are Senate President David Mark and Niger State Governor Babangida Aliyu. Mark, who was rumoured to have also left PDP for APC, denied the rumour thus: “The outcome of the presidential election in favour of APC is the will of God and majority of Nigerians. We, in the PDP, have accepted the results in good faith. I have no reason to jump ship. I will not leave the PDP. I will be the last man standing for the PDP. The party gave me the platform to be where I am today.

“I will stay in the PDP to contribute my quota to the rebuilding and restructuring of the party. This is democracy. Winners emerge and the losers go back to the drawing board and rejuvenate”.

Governor Aliyu put it this way: “Those who have defected from PDP to APC have clearly demonstrated that they are not principled and they are suffering from poverty, lack integrity and not morals and could easily be described as stomach politicians. For me, I will rather resign from politics than defect to APC or any other party. For principles of integrity, morality, we have chosen to remain in PDP. I heard people insinuating that I have dumped my party candidate for the APC candidate. It is a lie; I will never do such a thing.” Any need to say more. Why are our politicians afraid of staying in opposition and offering constructive criticisms to the party in power for the benefit of the country and the strengthening of our nascent democracy? Why?


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