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NQR Payment Solution Now Available Near You


Business owners and their customers at the Oshodi Arena market excitedly witnessed first-hand the NQR payment solution which was introduced to the market in March 2021.

This recent market penetration campaign commenced to drive adoption and encourage business owners and customers in all markets and stores across the country to sign up to this new payment option that is fast, seamless and reliable.

The NQR Payment Solution is a secure QR-code-based payments and collections platform designed for business owners and customers to receive and make payments for goods and services.

This indigenous payment solution will unify all available closed QR code schemes in the country for consistent user experience and acceleration of digital adoption. It offers a simple, secure and contactless payment option.

Social media sensation, Nedu was on ground to thrill, excite and  crack the large crowd with his jokes and banter. There were live demonstrations of how the app works, how merchants can sign up with customers conducting on-the-spot transactions to the awe of the general public.

The NQR agents covered the entire length and breadth of the market to educate  both business owners and customers on the benefits of the NQR. Representatives from different commercial Banks were also on ground to respond to concerns of business owners.




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