NTIC Alumni: Building Lifelong Relationships


    With more than 3,200 Nigeria-Turkish International Colleges (NTIC) Alumni, the NTIC Alumni Association, founded by graduates of the school in 2005, has a robust network of graduates. The Alumni provides valuable benefits and programmes that help its members tap into the vast network and stay connected to one another, writes OLUMIDE BAJULAIYE…

    The Alumni Association of the Nigerian Turkish International Colleges (NTIC) is an independent worldwide organization that nurtures lifelong relationships with and among current and future NTIC alumni. As a committed partner of the colleges, the association offers programmes of relevance and service to alumni and creates support for the current and graduated students. Through committees, regional activities, college involvement, alumni events, programmes, benefits, and services, the Alumni Association promotes the welfare of alumni and NTIC colleges. “Underlying all that we do is the belief in the value of education to the well being of society, and a commitment to integrity, diversity, and service,” stated the Coordinator of the alumni, Mr. Irfan Duman. The NTIC Alumni has its members in all the states of the federation, and visits are paid to them twice in a year at their present educational environments. Some still continue their university education, while some have already finished their schools and got employed in private and government institutions. The NTIC Alumni Association is one that spans many countries. There are currently over 1,300 members who reside in over 20 countries across the globe. As NTIC Alumni Association, Duman adds, “We also try to visit them in their various countries every year”. NTIC Alumni Association helps and supports their alumni to be employed in reputable institutions in Nigeria and abroad. In addition to the activities mentioned above, the Alumni Association at each branch of NTIC organizes career programmes, football tournaments, barbeque parties and family visits during summer holidays. “What NTIC Alumni mean for us, we define ourselves as part of the NTIC huge family, the reason been that the NTIC teachers behave like the normal teacher in the classroom, but outside the class environment, they become like friends to students, they become like senior brothers and senior sisters to the students, that’s why we call it a family.

    Duman: As Alumni, We‘re part of a Big Family

    “As Alumni we are part of that big family. Our students have close relationship with the staff. Our Alumni starts from the JJS1 to SS3, so we are together for six years. Spending six years together we can say we are a family. What we do with our Alumni, we just want to keep in touch with them throughout their education, even after they finish their degree, Masters or Phd programmes.

    “We have twelve alumni offices across the country. Our relationship with all our alumni is divided into two parts. The first one is during the school time and during the summer holidays. During the school time, we go round to visit all our alumni so we can continue that close relationship with our students. For example, this year our alumni have visited Turkey, UK, Sudan, Ghana, Egypt, Dubai, and most of the states in Nigeria.

    “And during summer holidays, we organize different activities, the first is visiting so we can continue our relationship, second is organizing activities for the needy, alumni dinners, organize sporting activities. We also encourage our alumni to take part in social responsibility projects, such as educational activities, they monitor some junior students voluntarily.

    “Some of our alumni also engage in charity activities. They help people in need. We have over three thousand two hundred students who have graduated from NTIC. Right now we have alumni association founded by our own graduated students”.

    This alumni association does take part in some significant events either in Nigeria or in Turkey. According to Duman, the alumni association recently issued a press release on the need to have a peaceful election in Nigeria. The alumni stated that whatever the outcome of the election, the Nigeria environment should be saved.  Another issue was the recent event in Turkey. The NTIC alumni closely monitor events in Nigeria and in Turkey. “The association is new; we started with the support of our chairman, First Surat Group of Companies. Right now they take part in some charity organizations. Not charity to the school, but to the needy in the society. “In Nigeria, NTIC alumni do go to villages across the country to give tutorials or extra –moral lessons to those who cannot pay for such lessons in their communities. They go and teach students in both junior and senior classes free. Some students also in Turkey do the same, they are part of our alumni because they graduated from NTIC, and they monitor some students in Turkey”.

    Stressing the advantage of having the alumni, Duman said, “When we have this close relationship with our students, after their graduation we still get them jobs. Presently, we have over 50 alumni working in our various companies and schools. Some of them are lecturers in our University, some in Nizamiye Hospital; some are teachers in NTIC Colleges, some in our dialogue foundation”.

    No fewer than 800 NTIC alumni are working class people. Those still studying in various universities across the globe are about 2,400, while about 1, 260 are Nigerians. 700 are from Turkey, 310 in the United Kingdom, while 92 are in America. According to Duman, an NTIC alumnus is the fruit of education. He said education is of no use if after the students have spent six years together they still cannot get together and do something meaningful.


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