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NTIC Foundation Has No Religious Bias…Our Concern is Humanity Says Celik


The Turkish International Colleges Foundation (NTICF) is a product of careful thought, according to the President of the foundation, Mr. Fetullah Celik. It is the social face of NTIC, Nizamiye Turkish Hospital, Nigeria Turkish Nile University and Vefa Tourism and Travel Company Limited. The foundation was established to perform charity activities on behalf of these institutions. NTICF has certain areas of specialization. One of them is education. The second one is health, the third is the water issue, fourth- orphanages and fifth event based activities. In the area of education, the foundation gives scholarship to students in NTIC and Nile University, according to set criteria. Some of these students get 50 percent scholarship, some 80 percent. The foundation has awarded scores of scholarships to brilliant Nigerian students into NTIC schools.

The vision behind the establishment of this foundation is to relieve the challenges in the areas of education, poverty, psychological and physical disadvantages, with all modern instruments and most effective methods while creating a communal awareness of such issues through campaigns. The foundation assists people in time of earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.  It also offers health services through screenings to those who require them but cannot afford them. It provides educational materials and scholarship to children and youths who do not have access to proper education due to economic or other reasons. The foundation has become a role model in social gatherings and relief distributions during cultural celebrations.

Celik said: “We also operate a special scheme called ‘I Support a Child’s Education’.  Every year we organized this project. What we do is we collect funds from our parents, donors and well-wishers and we purchase stationery items, package them and deliver to students in government schools. This is done in conjunction with the ministry of education in different states. Last year, we distributed 5, 600 stationery to the needy and students in government schools and this year we have increased that to 8, 000 package and distributed in eight different states. Each package includes 8-note books, one dozen of pencils, one dozen of crayons, sharpeners, erasers, mathematical sets and sketching books. This is sufficient for a year per student.

“On the other hand, we directly support government schools with education materials. So far we have donated chairs, desk, lockers, and textbooks to some government schools in the last two years. Right now, only NTIC students are beneficiary of the scholarship. In the future we are trying to take the initiative to students in government schools as well. But for now it’s only to NTIC students”.

In the area of health, the foundation has carried out numerous eye cataract surgeries in collaboration with the Nigeria Turkish Nizamiye Hospital and also renovated some orphanages in the FCT.

Celik added: “Every month, we conduct free medical camps; one in an orphan house, and another one in public places. We have free cataract surgery programme. So far we have 60 free cataract operations. But our target is to reach 1, 000 cataract operations. This project is run in conjunction with the presidency and health ministry”.

On water issue, the foundation has constructed thousands of boreholes in rural areas in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and other states in the country. According to Celik,“As you know water is a serious issue in Nigeria. Most rural area people are not able to have clean water, so we are constructing boreholes in rural areas. So far we have constructed 50 boreholes in different states”.

He said: “We are also providing food, clothing to different orphanages across the country. We are also planning to renovate some of these orphanage houses. During Sallah or Christmas, we distribute food items. Last year we gave 150 package of cooked meal to people. We organized those programme during Sallah or Christmas.”

‘NTIC’s Concern is Humanity’

Celik said: “NTICF’s concern is humanity. Religion, race, language, ethnicity is not important to the foundation. The only issue for NTICF is the human being and nothing else. We do not take language, colour, religion, or race as reference. Our belief is to extend our hands to the needy and the less-privileged people in any part of Nigeria. Though our power is limited, because we cannot reach everyone, but how much we can we will reach as much people as we can”.

‘Parents, other well-wishers are also donors to the foundation’

The foundation is supported by the First Surat Group of Company which comprises of Nigerian Turkish International Colleges, Nigerian Turkish Nile University, Nigeria Turkish Nizamiye Hospital, Galaxy Uni-prep Centre, Association of Businesspeople and Investors of Nigeria and Turkey, Aydinalar Education Centre, Ufuk Dialogue Foundation, Nusret Education and Cultural Company Limited, Vefa Tourism and Travel Co. Ltd, Inci Production and mainly NTIC parents.

“The second source of assistance is our parents, the parents of students in the university or secondary schools. NTIC has 16 branches in Nigeria. So, the entire parents and other well-wishers are donors to our foundation.

“Third are the well-wishers in Nigeria, who like to donate to our projects. And the other source is outside Nigeria, in Turkey, Europe, USA, and Australia. There are well-known foundations in these countries and we have collaboration with them. If they have any programme in Nigeria, they will transfer the funds into NTICF and we use the funds for charity purpose they are intended for”.

‘Our objective is to ease hardship of needy, under-privileged’

The main objective is to ease the hardship of the needy and under-privileged people. We try to ease the hardship of the people. Agreed we cannot eradicate the hardship in the society, but at least we can we try our best to do that. Also, we try to bring the people together, because when we have programme we invite our students who are from rich homes to meet with the needy and under-privileged people. So we put the love of the less-privileged ones in their hearts. Our aim is to contribute to a more comfortable, serene and peaceful Nigeria while fighting against poverty and attempting to improve social life. “We encourage the society to be conscious and engaged with the notion of humanitarian aid by accepting and offering help to all races, ages, religions, and social status in order to spread kindness around Nigeria and create awareness about under-privileged people in the society,” Celik said.

‘We do not intend to Islamize Nigeria… Our concern is to all the people’

“During Sallah festival, we reached out to 26 states. For stationery programme, we reached eight states including Oyo, Ondo, Ogun, Kaduna, Kano, Yobe and FCT Abuja. We are not concentrating in specific location but across the country. We have no religious bias; we do not intend to Islamize Nigeria. Our concern is to all the people”.


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