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Obasanjo Rejects Pleas To Return To PDP


Since the Peoples Democratic Party lost in the just concluded elections, efforts have been ongoing to bring the party back to life.

Obasanjo Rejects Pleas To Jerk PDP Back To Life
Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo

One of the efforts at bringing the party back to life was pleading with ex president, Olusegun Obasanjo who was also the party’s former chieftain who dramatically left the party months ahead of the general elections by tearing his membership card.

Recall that the PDP totally lost grounds in the recently conducted elections. While its presidential candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan lost to the All Progressives Congress’ presidential candidate, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, the PDP ‘s majority status in the National Assembly also got lost as it won just a fewer number of states unlike in the past election. All these and more will turn the ruling party into a minority in the next political dispensation of Nigeria.

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In order to bring back the power which was used in ruling the nation for 16 years without any interference from any other party, the few loyalist remaining in the party have decided to beg Obasanjo who they say is more than a party member to them but a godfather.

Premium Times reports that the former president is being persuaded by serving governors and federal lawmakers to return to the party and lead it so that it can be ready for the ‘opposition duty’ when Mr. Buhari’s administration starts.

Some of the close friend of the former president revealed that the anxious party men have been pressuring the former leader, who was the first elected president on the party’s platform, by either visiting him or through telephone calls. This although, Obasanjo has been said to have refused blatantly.

“I’m done with party politics here on earth and in heaven. Period,”

Obasanjo was overheard telling a PDP chieftain who called him recently about the matter. Obasanjo was also said to have added that tearing his membership card publicly is a signal that he’s not returning to the party. He was quoted as saying his membership card has been shredded and that “as it is now, a goat has eaten up the pieces”.

In a telephone chat with Premium Times, the statesman made it known how he has been under pressure to return to the PDP but vowed not to do so.

“I’m not ready to discuss partisan politics because I’m done with it,” he said.

Not long ago, President Jonathan reportedly said Obasanjo was so bent on controlling his government that he would not mind installing the devil in power so long as he can control him.


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