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Obasanjo’s Coalition Movement is Never a Threat to APC – Hon. Jimoh


Honourable Olumuyiwa Jimoh is the Deputy Majority Leader, Lagos State House of Assembly. In this Interview with Journalists at the Assembly Complex, Alausa,Ikeja, he said the third force of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, was never a threat to the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) as 2019 general elections draw nearer. OKUNADE ADEKUNLE was there.

How would you react to the amendment of the electoral Act by the National Assembly especially on the altering of elections sequence?

Whichever way, elections will come, people will vote and the elections must count. The outcome of the elections must be the decision of Nigerians, whether one come first or last, we will have elections. We should not romanticising or see that as an hanky panky thing. But if they feel that the president might want to manipulate the process if his election comes first, I don’t think anything will come out of it, it is the candidate that is in the race that should know his onions and come up with his policies and go with his electioneering campaigns to win. You cannot win elections when you are not popular, no where in the world you can win elections when you are not popular even if you rig elections, it means you are popular, otherwise you won’t be able to succeed, that should not be an issue.

Are you worried with the number of political parties we have presently?

It doesn’t matter, we have not gotten to the situation of having independent candidacy by someone who feels he does not need to belong to any political party. I’m not worried about that, our population is almost 200 million despite that they are saying 170 million.There are always alliance within  political parties.

The Peoples Demoractic Party (PDP) has queried the possibility of having credible elections in 2019, what is your take?

Why must they query the possibility, they have ruled this country for 16 years, let others try and they should remain arms akimbo and watch but not to query what has not come. It is like building castle in the air, you cannot put something on nothing, it is fallacious, it is an absurdity, it is a contradiction.

Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has criticized the President, Muhammadan Buhari, saying Nigerians should join Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM). Is that not a threat to your party, the All Progressives Congress (APC)? 

It is not a threat to our party, Obasanjo is jobless, he needs to engage the system.

He has torn the PDP card that brought him to power as two-term president and openly said he was no longer a member of any political party. He has been writing several letters, it doesn’t make any difference. Obasanjo, Babangida and Abachas are neo-colonial people, they lack inclination for local people. They are Buddhas, neither do they have the ethical knowledge to run this country. If they had run this country well, we wouldn’t have been in this predicaments. Obasanjo has always been there, not only in 1976, he had been administrators to several military régimes and up till now, he is still complaining about the system that he bastardized. Can a cockroach be innocent in the midst of the chickens?

The excuse Chief Obasanjo gave was that the President is not getting it right on economy and failure to adhere to federal character principle in his appointmens.

The problem is like a plant, it has root. The problem of Nigeria is protracted. It has been there before the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari. Obasanjo is part of the process that bastardized it. We must be careful about these leaders, they become civil society, when the tide of economy is not favourable to their thinking.

As 2019 general elections draw near, what’s your advice for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)?

Well, I think the electoral Act as amended by the National Assembly, they should strictly adhere to it, to improve our democratic process; for a due process and for Nigerians to believe the electoral umpire. We are not where we were in the previous elections, I mean in 1999, there were hiccups in the previous elections. They need to lay a good legacy, a legacy that shows the originality of our existence.

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