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Obasanjo’s Letter, the Outcry and Breakfast in Kenya


Since former President Obasanjo’s letter to President Jonathan, where he upbraided the president and accused him of sundry offences, got to the public domain, there have been reactions and counter reactions. Some have expressed shock at the weighty allegations contained in Obasanjo’s letter and called on the president to immediately address them. Some have also put the former president down, accusing him of being blameworthy also in respect of those allegations, saying ‘physician heal thyself’.

But to some other Nigerians’ chagrin, as the letter was raising dust at home with the way and manner national newspapers splashed its content, Obasanjo was reported to be having breakfast with President Jonathan at a hotel in Kenya. Both leaders had met in Kenya where they went to celebrate with that country over its 50th independence anniversary. One flustered commentator asked why Nigerians are giving Obasanjo’s letter any serious thought, saying when both men disagreed, Nigerians or their interest did not matter and when they would reconcile, they won’t also matter. “Why are people taking panadol for other people’s headache,” he had said.
But it has emerged that Obasanjo himself has been flustered by reports that he had breakfast with Jonathan in Kenya. The former president, as learnt, claimed that he stands by the contents of his letter and would not do deals with such. According to a source, when Jonathan and Baba, as Obasanjo is called, discovered they were in the same hotel, Jonathan offered to come and greet him and Baba said he would rather come to the President’s suite. “Baba said he did n’t have any breakfast with Jonathan, but that he took banana, asking whether taking banana was akin to having breakfast with the president,” the source said.


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