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Obi Worldphone Enters Nigeria’s Android Market with Class


By Dekunbi Kuye

After ranking sales of 135% in Q1 2015, making Nigeria one of the biggest markets in West Africa for the sector, Obi Worldphone has decided to pitch its tent in the country. Obi worldphone, the global smartphone company, has made a private entry into the Andriod market in Nigeria with the official unveiling of its latest smartphones – the Obi Worldphone SF-1 and SJ1.5 along with an exciting line up to be introduced in the months to come.

The Vice President, Mobility Africa, Praveen Rane, said the name ‘Obi’ is derived from the word ‘Mobile’, excluding three letters, and the flagship brand name SF-1 is derived from San Francisco, the city in the Silicon Valley, where the phones are designed.

Co-founded by John Sculley, prominent tech investor and former CEO of Apple and Pepsi-Cola, Obi Worldphone offers a smartphone experience that is rich, personal and elevated. Designed by renowned San Francisco-based design studio Ammunition, Obi Worldphone™ SF-1 and SJ1.5 are set apart by iconic industrial design.

Both devices come loaded with Obi Lifespeed, a custom user interface for Android that unifies the software and hardware experience. Obi integrates design with high-end technology from Qualcomm, Dolby, Sony, Corning Incorporated, Google, MediaTek, Japan Display, Inc. and Samsung to deliver a powerful performance, which appeals to the young, and aspiring tech-savvy population globally.

Commenting on Obi’s entry into Nigeria, John Sculley said: “Obi Worldphone offers a great proposition for tech-savvy consumers in Nigeria, who want to experience the best technology available in the smartphone market. We have worked with Robert Brunner and his team at Ammunition to combine the best in class technology in Obi smartphones to deliver unique and exciting experiences for the user. Our goal is to use Obi devices to cater to an underserved section of the highly commoditized smartphone market through premium design and functionality.”   Obi Worldphones are sold nationwide.


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