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Ogun Bans Students From Bringing Phone To Schools



By Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta

Commissioner for Education Science and Technology in Ogun State, Prof. Abayomi Arigbabu said that henceforth, students are not allowed to bring phones to school in the state.

Prof. Arigbabu, who stated this on Tuesday, called on teachers’ to monitor the students to ensure strict compliance with the directive.

The commissioner explained that though, the advantage of phones cannot be underestimated, especially in this time of serious security issues, but said students are advised not to bring their phones to school because phones serve students differently but mostly to their disadvantage.

He said: “On the issue of phone in school, what we ordinarily advised is that it will actually distract the students. Teachers will be teaching them and some people will be looking at phones and going to different sites to do nonsense.

“That is why it is actually not encouraged for students to bring phone to class. If they have phones, they can actually put it in their bags and at the close of the day, they can bring it out.

“But how do we know they don’t bring it out. That is why teachers need to monitor them to ensure that they don’t bring phones to classes.

“Phone has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if a student is having problem, he/she can make a distress call. But what we are saying is that we won’t allow a student to bring phone to the class to distract you from listening to lessons.

“That is the way we want to deal with phones in school.”




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