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Ogun Debt Worth N103BN – Group


A group in Ogun State, Better Ogun Indigenes (BOI) has accused Ogun State Government for indebted the state worth of N103billion for several uncompleted projects across the State and owing workers of several  deductions, leave bonuses, pensions both the local and state government workers‎ in the State.

The group also alleged the front burner contestants in the forthcoming governorship elections of being bankruptcy and not worth of voting for, noted that all contestants for the helm of affairs in the state should endeavour to declare his assets for the electorate and come up with blue print of their agenda.

Akinbusayo Adedotun, the Chairman of the group added that most of the contenders for governorship seat in the state had been alleged for one offence or the others while in position of authority in their respective organisation before vying for the governorship seat in the state, and those being alleged suppose to have been disqualified by the INEC.

Adedotun admonished the electorate in the state to let all the contestants in the state come up with their banks statement of account while declaring debate opened for them next week, so as to know their track records of their misdeeds in level of their insolvency and fraud they have perpetrated.

“Let them come out from their banks account statement, and clearance for DSS in order to convince the electorate that you were not bankruptcy, because as at today there are some speculations that most of you have access loan that worth billions of Naira, all that you want to contest for the number one citizens of the state”, Adedotun said.

He said most of those vying for the governorship seat in the state were already have been alleged for election malpractices, and the State need those that have the interest of state at heart, not the one that would compound the state debt and well-being of the workers.

“Some of them can not govern their home, instead of the state at large, some have pending cases of fraud, drugs abuse and many more. So, why now voting for such persons, Ogun indigenes need to wake up from slumbers and be very cautious while choosing who is going to lead them for the next four years or thereabout”‎, Adedotun opined.

He added that one or two out of the contestants were redeployed from Ministries while serving with the present government, and these are the persons that now vying for the position of authority, he advised the residents to scrutinise all the contestants well before voting them, and grill them as well during the general debate organized by the State Nigeria Union of Journalists, (NUJ).


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