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Ogun Govt Promises to Tackle Land grabbers Issues


By Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta

The Ogun State Government has promised the citizen to tackle the issue of land grabbing by strengthening the law in the State.

The Chief of Staff to the state Governor, Alhaji Salisu Shuaib stated this while addressed
About 17 different communities, from Sagamu on Tuesday protested against land grabbing at the Governor’s Office, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, the State capital.

They all had various inscription on their placards, among which reads; “The blood of Innocent Citizens killed by Sir K Oluwo are crying for Justice”, “No to Land grabber, No to destruction of our farms, No killing of our children”, “No to cultist, we want Justice, Lamina must (be) prosecuted, No to Sir K Oluwo”, “Land grabber should be totally abolished in all Ogun State communities”.

However, while speaking to the people, the Chief of Staff, Alhaji Salisu Shuaib, representing the Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, said that if there is any need to amend the law again to make it more active, then it would be done and anyone who tries to test the power of law will face the outcome.

“We will strengthen the law against land grabbing in Ogun State, we are reviewing the law, strengthen the law, we are ensuring participation of the communities, for every stretch of Ogun State must be protected from all sorts of threats to security of lives and properties.

“Land grabbing is a potential threat to security of life and peace of property, let me add this that this government under Prince Dapo Abiodun plays a major role to the peace of the State”

The Chief of Staff, further said, “Remember that you’re once here and we promised you that there will be changes, now that you hearing that someone has been arrested is because of the changes we promised. Now it’s not up to three months that we have used in office, that you are here again is not up to one week and it’s because of the good government of Prince Dapo Abiodun knows that if we don’t summon up the law of the land, the land won’t be in peace.

“If the Governor of a state do not give much prominence to the law of the land, the citizens would be doing whatever they like, as you came here last time, we immediately called the State Commissioner of Police and told him that in some communities that they should go and work, but that you’re here again means there are still works to be done. So I am promising you in the name of our Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun that whatever remains on issue of landgrabbing would be settled, we as the executive arm of government cannot give judgement to anyone but the judiciary arm is the one that will do such, but what we know is that this government will not give undue favour to anyone anyhow, what is for the right will be given to the right person, and what is for the left side will be given accordingly, we will not support any person for what is not right. So please calm down, as we are leaving here now, we will call on the Security again and inform them of this development and what you said about Ogijo too, will be adequately worked on, just have patience.

“On the issue of the Senator you mentioned, you know he’s not a lawmaker from Ogun State and it won’t be right to just judge without listening to his own side of the story, and as you mentioned him now and we just agreed that he’s guilty too, but as government and of same party, we will inform him too of this development and it might be possible that some people might just be using his name for bad works, and he might not know about it but as government we will see what we can do about it.”

The Head of traditional, High Chief Jimoh Adelaja Balogun, who is also leader of the team, in his reaction, said that the Kamorudeen Lamina, popularly known as Sir K Oluwo, is a notorious land grabbing who has been terrorising their communities for over three years.

He said, “Kamorudeen Lamina aka Sir K Oluwo, has been terrorising our community, he has brutalised all our futures because he just entered our family lands with caterpillar and start destroying our crop, Kolanut trees, Coconut trees, Cassava and other economic trees, start spoiling it, he was now using guns with his boys, stainless, which the real name was not known, Akeem Omoga, Oyebo, Spirit, Dekunle Onanowo, and many others. They are the ones he was using in our side and they will only carry guns like they are following governors or president, no one of the family can near our family lands until today. And we have surveyed and registered our family lands with the government”.

He added, “Though, we have gotten judgement with Honourable Justice O.A Onafowokan, in Court 1, Ijebu-Ode, that is on May 3, 2018, and after the judgement he started brutalising our future again.”

The judgement is with me, he was selling our properties and using the money to scarce everybody, no one can near their family lands again until today that why we are hear to seek for help from the government.

Meanwhile, after the ruling last month in Sagamu Magistrate Court, which remanded the suspect in prison, the Traditional Head said that he (Lamina) was not taken to the prison with the prison vehicle but with a brand new car vehicle with no number.

“Going to the prison today, you will see many people that are there because of him, these are his own men that are working for him. Yet if you complained to the warder about what their people are doing they will say they are doing their work.

“Also, there is this Senator Peperito, is the one that want to bail him out now, Senator Bayo Osinowo from Lagos East Senatorial District, because he works for him during the last Election by carrying ballot boxes for him. In fact, we are tired of this issue,” he lamented.

“Also he was commenting in the prison there that once he’s out, nobody will stay among us, and we don’t know where to stay. In fact, we are tired, in our own country. That’s why we are here to report to the governor and house of assembly members and if they don’t do anything, if he comes out, we shall face ourselves, he’s a man and we are man, we are ready for them but we don’t want to take law into our hands that’s why we are here. That’s the reason we are here,” he said.

Another Head of a Community, Chief Gbeminiyi Akinsanya, said, “since the injunction of 48 and 49 was pronounced, his boys has been terrorising us again, we at Imota area has been facing evil from him and that’s why we are here today. And we plead with the State Government to look into this issue.”

Another member of the community, Dele Olanrewaju while pleading with the government to find solution to the menace of land grabbing, said, “any land grabber found again on their land will be dealt with and in order to avoid this, we are pleading with the State government to come to our aid now”.

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