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Ogun: Woman abscond over allegation of Same Sex Acts, Genital Mutilation.


A middle aged woman Omobolanle Helen Abajingin, nee Lamina has been accused of engaging in same sex act by her husband, in-law and close associates.

Omobolanle Helen Abajingin who had been on the run when the lid of her illicit act was blown open and the bid by the family to circumcise her female child.

It could be recalled that in 2018 one Omobolanle Helen Abajingin (nee Lamina), a Mother of two boys Joshua Oluwanifemisi Ryan Oluwadarasimi and a girl Juanita Oreofeoluwa left the Nigeria shores for United States having being caught in the web of same sex relationship with one Biodun despite her consummated marriage to one Mr Toluwaleke Abajingin at the registry on 28th of June, 2007 as a result of Family pressure that she must be married at all cost, having not seen her association with the opposite sex Pre and Post Secondary School.

It was also gathered that Omobolanle who was alleged to have been a lesbian since her secondary school days with one Abike Anibaba  continued her acts even after her secondary school education.

“Investigation had revealed that her first experience of same sex union was in 1988 when she and Abike slept in the same room on  a particular night and suddenly she found out her friend Abike was fingering her private part, squeezed her breasts and simultaneously got engulfed in a deep kiss with her”.

Speaking with Our correspondent, a close ally of Omobolanle who spoke on condition of anonymity said “Her confession then was that she enjoyed the sensation as it was the first time she would be sensually and sexually aroused”.

“As a result of her frosty relationship with Abike her first love, while she was in 200 level( her second year ) she met with one of her old lover back in secondary school days named Kelechi who just got admission to study law at the same university”.

“Kelechi and Omobolanle once blossomed relationship was rekindled as they continued their Act of love’.

While narrating the whole episode, Our source said, “As fate would have it, subsequently after graduation in 2001 both were posted to the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for their primary assignments during the mandatory National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). Later, after service, it was learnt omobolanle relocated to Lagos and that ended their same sex activities”.

“In 2017, she met with one Biodun while working as the manager of Ogeatiewa Fashion outfit, who having understood her body language invited Omobolanle to her house sometime in December of the same year and had sex afterwards within Biodun Master Bedroom due to irresistible body chemistry”.

On Saturday 20th December, 2017 it was learnt Biodun husband through an installed Close Circuit Television (CCTV) in his bedroom amazingly discovered that his wife had been involved in a promiscuous same sex relationship with another woman, a convincing fact revealed to Bolanle by Biodun having being confronted with video evidence by the husband.

On further interrogation and humiliation by her husband, family and In-laws, Biodun had confessed and revealed Omobolanle identity to her hubby while she narrated her ordeal to Omobolanle via phone call.

It was revealed also that on 2nd of January, 2018, for the fear of the unknown, Omobolanle remorsefully confessed in confidence her ordeal to her husband, craving for forgiveness with apologies but that wouldn’t save her situation as she regretted her actions as a result of several name calling,traumatic experience and humiliation that followed.


Omobolanle who’s action was described by the in-law who hails from Ekiti State South West Nigeria, as a taboo and an abominable act within the family that requires absolute Traditional Spiritual cleansing which led to the revisit of previous matters on mandatory family Circumcisions based on the inherited Cultural norms of the husband family that should have been done for her only daughter, Juanita Oreofeoluwa (  before she attain age 10) prior before the incident,which she had vehemently opposed on principles, beliefs and personal philosophy.


It was gathered that on March 10th, 2018, led by the husband Uncle ,one Mr Omoniyi Abajingin and consequent upon Omobolanle condemnable action and having  persuaded the husband on the need to embark on Ritual rites to cleanse the family of taboos and perceived shame brought to her Marital home and the mandatory Traditional Genital Circumcision which the in-law claims would prevent future embarrassment, cleanse and deliver the mother and daughter, it then dawned on Omobolanle the need to plan her escape.


Omobolanle decision to leave Nigeria and seek refuge outside the country was based on the threat the nation Cultural and religious beliefs had subjected her to and many other victims, couple with the Signing into law Same Sex Prohibition Act.


It is on record that one major weapon against homosexuals and people like Omobolanle within the Nigeria community is Continual Blackmail and rejection.

Already she has been condemned by her family and friends with several threats from her  In-laws leading to emotional torture and psychological trauma.

It is unequivocal that any attempt to come back to her Father’s or Mother’s land may lead to further dehumanizing experience, possible arrest by the authorities with grievous consequences.



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