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Lateef Adedimeji: I Charted Another Course to Make My Identity Different from Odunlade’s


Subsumed under the identity of Odunlade Adekola who many felt he was patterned after, fast-rising Nollywood actor Lateef Adedimeji has explained what he did to create a niche for himself in the entertainment industry.

He said he quickly moved to create his own identity within the industry.

Adedimeji said he was confronted at every turn by the accomplishment of another top actor, Odunlade Adekola.

“They say we look alike. And you have to get to him before you get to me, so I had to toe a different path and create my own identity,” he said.

Adedimeji spoke on Friday in Lagos when he featured on ‘Your View,” a popular programme on Television Continental (TVC).

He said he toed a different path in Nollywood just to be different and create his own identity.

Part of what he did was to act mostly as an imbecile in some of his roles to gain recognition.

Adedimeji spoke on wide-ranging issues including the state of Nollywood, extra-marital issues in the entertainment industry and how spouses of actors relate to their romantic scenes.

He said as thespians, they are not perfect and also make mistakes and fall for temptations like other professionals, adding no one is a saint and he is not a saint.

Adedimeji said spouses of thespians must endeavor to show understanding and imbibe the culture of forgiving and forgetting when they make mistakes.

“We are not saints. When we make mistakes, we have to forgive ourselves. Marriage is all about give and take,” he said.

The popular actor has also launched a foundation to help upcoming actors and give back to society.

“I have my own foundation to help upcoming actors. Where I perceive somebody is not doing well in acting, we push them to costume design, cosmetology, modeling, and other aspects of the industry because we have experts in all those areas as well,” he said.

“Our desire is to build people and help them to come up and stand on their own,” he added.


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