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“Olorunsogo” A Community Where Burglars Operate in a Day Time 

By Mosunmola Ayobami Kwara
Olorunsogo is community in Ilorin under Ilorin West Local government Area of Kwara state, it’s an area dominated by different people from different states in Nigeria.
The fake IBEDC suspects.
This community community is a fast growing settlement as a piece of land which could be bought at N5000 some twenty years ago now goes for minimum of N2,000,000.
Despite it fast growing advantage, it’s a community without good road network and most of the dwellers either dug a well and sank borehole individually as a result of lack of portable water supply.
Though a philanthropist recently came to the rescue of the  community dwellers when he graded some roads in the area as the area houses some of his establishment.
On power supply,research shown that when there is power supply challenges community sort it out on their own and recently it was reliably gathered that about N1.5 Million was spent on fixing a faulty Transformer.
On security, after series of various community meeting and deliberation,the dwellers settled for “sleeping with an eye closed” strategy so as to come to the rescue of any casualties in case of any robbery incident.
But these set of burglars out smart the so to be smart dwellers as they (burglars) no longer burgled houses and shops at wee hours but now operates in a day time.
Speaking with a causality of a robbery incident, a woman who did not want her name mentioned, told our correspondent how her house was burgled by one “24/7” a specialist in the “business”.
The woman in her mid forties said on 8th of May 2018 this man called 24/7 burgled her house took away her laptop, and some electronics.
“I came home that fateful day meeting my house scattered, when I came out lamenting a neighbour opposite  my flat asked me that am I not the one who sent a fair tall man to pick those items,the neighbour said the man confidently opened my door picked those items locked the door and left,saying he saw him through out but could not challenge him due to way and manner at which he made his way in.
“It’s a day I can never forget in my life,so with bitter heart I told God to let nemesis caught up with him,so in June, the same man came to burgled another house,this time around he even opened tap for those around so as not to be suspected.
“God heard my prayer and the “real landlord” came around and it was a very serious issue that day after he was beaten mercilessly,they contacted the police,asked where he lives, to our surprise,this man came from Obaniunsuwa of Asa Local government Area a very far distance to olorunsogo.
“The police and some residents took him home getting to the vicinity, the dwellers started hailing 24/7 and they stopped to asked the meaning of 24/7 the answer giving was that if there is no electricity supply for months in the vicinity he is the only person that runs Generating set without disruption so they took to calling him 24/7,” she explained.
Similarly nemesis caught up with two young men who pretend to be a electricity distribution company staffers there names are Ayodeji Adefeji and Benjamin Adeleke on 7th of August 2018 at the same Olorunsogo while trying to strangulate a woman who was initially based overseas but decided to come back home to rest and enjoy her life.
Our Correspondent spoke with the casualty namely Mrs Comfort Oluipinla,she said on that fateful day these two guys knocked her gate and getting to the gate they said they were from  Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBDEC) not knowing she uses prepaid meter.
She said gaining access to the compound there was a little boy who came to visit a boy living with her, so in order to perpetrate their evil plans they sent the boy on an errand to buy them a sachet of water but the boy went so quickly come back and met them strangulating her.
She said the boy ran out and screamed thrives which alerted the people at home this incident happened around 2:00-2:30 pm,they took to their heels but the people eventually caught them.
So in order to be able to run very well they left their bag which after checked a locally made gun,piller,some connection wire, note book, biro was found in the bag.
They were caught up with but later contacted the police to take them away.
The Kwara state  Police Public Relations Officer DSP Ajayi Okasanmi whom our Correspondent contacted said the suspects are in their custody taken free breeze and would be taken to court for proper pronouncements.
Meanwhile he urged the residents to be more security conscious as case of house and shops burglars is becoming rampant in the vicinity.
He said the commissioner of Police in the state has directed strict policing  in the vicinity.
He urged the residents to always ask anybody who claimed to be a utility company staff their identity cards anytime they come around.
He commended the residents for ringing police, urging them to always contact appropriate quarters anytime there is any unlawful activities.

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