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Oloye Lekan Alabi: Brand New Septuagenarian

My elated 96-year old mother,Mama Mopelola(I am complete in honours),alias "M.O",and me,her equally-elated son,after she had prayed for a successful celebration of my entry into the enviable circle of Septugenarians.This photograph was taken today in Mother's ibadan home by my youngest child,Olatunji.

About this time,70 years ago,God told His angels to issue me a visa and a 1st Class ticket to Planet Earth. My flight,though delayed a bit,landed safely in my beloved hometown, Ibadan,the capital city of the former Western Region of Nigeria,on Friday,27th October,1950.

I was warmly received by my dear father, the late Pa AbdulRahim Oladosu Alabi,alias “RIGHT TIME”,of the Olundegun Oyetunji Chieftaincy Family, Ile Oye,SW2/486, Isale ‘Jebu,and the Ekerin Ajengbe Chieftaincy Family,of SW1/131,Ode Ekerin,Ibadan,Oyo State of Nigeria,and my dear mother,Mama Mopelola,alias “M.O”,of the Oshotun Chieftaincy Family,Idamudu Quarters,Emure Ekiti,Ekiti State of Nigeria and the Adeyanyu Fantola Clan of Agbede Adodo,Ibadan,Oyo State of Nigeria.

Today,Tuesday,18th February,2020, I paid  my dear mother a courtesy call in her home in Ibadan,for the customary blessing by her, whenever my landmark birthday is due,e.g my 21st,40th,50th,60th,65th,and now 70th,God willing.

As usual,mother prayed for me.She,again,joyfully,exclaimed:”Olamilekan,just like play,like play,you are joining the enviable circle of elders.God will certainly lift you to the top of your destiny,before my very eyes.Amen.”

I always describe my ‘flight’ to the Earth(actually, my birth)as ‘delayed’,because mother went through an excruciating,long and near-death labour at our home,before the life-saving decision was taken  to move her to the nearby home of  my Uncle,at Oke Koto,where I was eventually delivered.My uncle? The late Pa Haroun Durodola,whose undecayed corpse was discovered in 1978,despite being buried 15 years earlier.

Mother,blessed with an uncommon retentive memory, remembered it all.

Today,again,she told me of how her  husband,my dear father,his and her families,relations and well-wishers ,showed appreciation to God for my eventual safe delivery,with a 3-day thanksgiving/naming celebrations from Friday,3rd November to Sunday,5th November,1950.The late doyen of Sakara music,Yusufu Olatunji,alias “BABA L’EGBA”,an older friend of father,and his band entertained guests.The late Chief ‘Lekan Salami and his bosom friend,the late Alhaji Alimi Adesokan,were the eminent Masters of Ceremonies.Little wonder,I have kept the blueflame of my father’s appreciation to God for my birth aflame.



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