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Mystery over Ondo Missing Baby Deepens, 4 Suspects Arrested Even as Last Attendant Claims Baby Returned to Mother’s Womb

By Temitope Adedeji, Akure.

The mystery over the disappearance of a baby delivered at Ondo Specialist hospital through operation, which the mum failed to survive, has deepened.

WESTERNPOST’s investigations about the circumstances surrounding the missing baby revealed that the mortuary attendants have a lot of explaining to do on the matter as there cannot be smoke without fire.
The news of the sudden disappearance of the dead baby had broken out on Sunday and Monday this week.
When family of the deceased woman went to the state specialist hospital, now a teaching hospital, to collect the bodies deposited at the morque, those of the woman and the unborn child, but to their chagrin the body of the allegedly dead baby was no where to be found.
The woman was on Wednesday May 15, 2019, taken to the Police Clinic, Akure, for delivery by her husband, who is a police officer, at about 4:50 pm, but she could not deliver the baby by herself through labour.
Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Lanre Dere, confirmed to WESTERNPOST in the course of our investigation that the woman was so weak at the point of delivery even as at the time her husband brought her.
He said they had no option than to conduct an operation to deliver the baby, but that when the operation was about to commence, the husband could not be found.
The nurses and doctors had to call the husband on his mobile line to come and attest if the wife should be operated upon, but he did not pick.
Because delay could be dangerous, the medical director, Dr Lanre Dere, had to sign and ordered that the operation be done.
The operation was done on her to safe her and the baby but, according to the hospital, the mother died in the process.
Having noticed that the mother had died, the doctors also struggled to at least bring out the baby alive, but this also proved futile.
Now, it was after all this had happened that at about 6:10pm the husband returned from the short journey from his house in Ijoka area of the metropolis, few kilometres to the clinic, to learn of the development.
The husband, Femi Owooniran, was so furious at the hospital management for not informing him of the operation.
In his interview with WESTERNPOST on Monday, he said, he went  home to drop his little boy so as to be fully prepared for the mother and the unborn baby.
He complained bitterly about the action of the doctors but the doctors said in such a situation when the required person was not available to sign at that critical time, the hospital has to use its discretion.
On Tuesday, WESTERNPOST Correspondent witnessed as the clinic’s medical team appeared at the Police headquarters in Akure to explain the details of the event to the Commissioner of Police and the family of the deceased.
Dr. Dere explained how the whole episode went and the efforts made to revive the souls.
The head of the deceased woman’s family, name withheld, thanked the doctors and the nurses.
He said the family would go back home and decide on the next line of action but assured the police that they were satisfied with their efforts.
At the hospital, where the bodies were deposited around 1:45am the following day after the failed operation, friends and family members have gathered to arrange for burial.
But on getting to the mortuary, the attendant, who attended to them, gave the family the bodies deposited for collection.
The body of the mother was found intact but the amazing thing is when the family went for the corpse of the baby, they discovered a polythene bag containing different objects, one of which appeared like a small head of a baby.
The family would not have initially known the scam if not for the cloth they bought to wrap the baby for burial.
From this moment, the family screamed and shouted out.
The baby’s corpse was still missing at the press time. But four out of the five attendants at the morgue had been arrested so far.
The husband of the deceased woman who spoke with WESTERNPOST on the issue pleaded that those behind the nefarious act should be fished out.
The attendants were said to have claimed that the baby disappeared back to the womb of the mother.
WESTERNPOST’s investigation at the mortuary on Wednesday this week was told another strange story.
The last attendant standing claimed the woman’s tummy still swelled up as if she had not been delivered of the baby.
Emmanuel, the attendant, demanded that our correspondent come into the morgue to see for himself.
The police will have to unravel whether the baby was stolen or disappeared into the womb.
But some scientists said it was absolutely impossible for a baby who had been operated and brought out to return to the womb.


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