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Ondo PDP Attacks Akeredolu Over Utterances On Campaign T Shirt


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo state has come out hard on the state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, over his utterance on Thursday in Akure, the state Capital during the prayer ṣection to usher in the workers into the new year.

During his speech to the state Civil servants, the governor made mention that, he banned the use of his political  T. Shirt or face cap by the Civil servants.

Meanwhile, this statement made by the governor did not land well in the ears of the opposition, accusing him of being an hypocrite.

In a statement issued by the Director of Publicity of the party, Zadok Akintoye and made available to Western Post, said the governor is an hypocrite, who sees his Commissioners and other political office holders sponsoring the second term campaign caps and T. Shirts of the governor but which could not talk, and later coming to the public to say what is not real.

The statement reads, “We wish to respond to the above stated directive of Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, Governor of Ondo State wherein he allegedly banned public servants from participating in political campaigns. The said directive, which is a direct show of the insincerity of this APC-led government, remains nothing but a true reflection of hypocrisy.

“It is on record that several pressure groups campaigning for the reelection bid of the governor are not only promoted by top civil servants under the watch of this government but are largely financed through funding from this government.

“We dare say, that the Governor has through several means endorsed what he now seeks to openly distance himself from through his deliberate policies of promoting nepotism in the public service, thus forcing civil servants to either tow his line of support or be denied their rights.

“How else can a government ensure that it is supported by civil servants through the force of persuasion, except through the deliberate denial of institutionalized promotion systems that mandates that appointments into senior management positions must be through hierarchy and seniority? A government that willfully ignores the right of civil servants to headship of agencies but promotes nepotism in a bid to satisfy some cronies of this governor and his supporters within the service should not now be hypocritically trying to gain some false good reputation.

“We, therefore, ask the Governor to disband all his support groups with known civil servants actively involved in promoting his second term ambition, if indeed he is sincere in this call.

“Our party wishes to remind Ondo state citizens that this government has not only brought more systemic injustices into the service but remains insincere and untruthful in its directive.

“We, therefore, give this Government a 24-hour ultimatum to disband his campaign and support groups championed by top civil servants, if indeed he is sincere about his call.”





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