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Ondo Protest: Muslims Blast Action Taking by the Christians


Temitope Adedeji, Akure

The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Ondo State Council has condemned the protest embarked upon by the Christians in Akure, the state capital and some other major cities across the state.

According to the Muslim organisation, which was issued by the council General Secretary, Sirajudeen Abdulazeez Folayemi, “We  wish to use this medium to condemn in the strongest term the public protest against what it describe as killing of christians in the country, organised by Christian Association of Nigeria Ondo State Branch as orchestrated by its National leadership. We would recall that similar protest was carried out by the catholic priest in Akure on Friday 27th April 2018.

“To say the least, these protest by acclaimed custodian of Christianity is uncalled for, it is religion politics taken too far, as far as we are concern the protest is unfortunate, bias and callous. It is segregative in nature, it contradict divine teachings of obedience to constituted authority as well as constructive counselling to the people in power.

The council said further that the Christian body aimed at something secret other than the killings,  “What does the leadership of the christian in this country aimed at achieving with these protest?  Are they saying they are the most affected by the recent killings in the country or what? Do they want to use the killing to score cheap political goals against the presidency of a man they openly campaigned against? Are the christian leadership claiming to be more passionate than any other religious group on recent issues as it affects our nation or they are planning for 2019 general election? Are the Christian leadership sympathising with the victims of the recent killings in this country or they are articulating the voice of the opposition which they  immensely benefitted from  during their 16 years unfortunate and misrule.

“We are saddened that the CAN leadership are protesting on the false claim that christians are being killed under the regime of Muhammadu Buhari! The question begging for a sane response is where are these christian leaders when  thousands of innocent Muslims are being slaughtered during the reign of one of their illustrious member? Where were the Christian leaders when over 3000 innocent souls were killed by the Nigerian soldiers in Bama during the time when Aso Villa could best be describe as the headquarters of the CAN? Where were these christian leaders when GEJ allegedly directed the then NSA to release funds meant to fight insurgency for the prosecution of 2015 general election? Where were these christian custodian when Nigerian ran out of aircraft and the country has to commission the private jet of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor the then CAN President for the acquisition of arms and ammunition which was unknown to the nations political structures but was later intercepted and impounded in South Africa. Do these christian leaders thought Nigerians would have forgotten within a short time that they kept mute when Muslims were being slaughtered in thousand in an insurgency which with all evidence at our disposal is orchestrated by the Christian politician in order to decimate the population of the Muslims in this country.

“We want to say without any fear of intimidation that the protest is devilish and satanic, it is not in the interest of the progressive minded christian in this country and neither is it in the interest of the nation at large! The protest is orchestrated by the opposition which the CAN leadership shamelessly campaigned for during the 2015 general election! It is not a protest aimed at defending the victims of the recent killings in the country, the protest is aimed at returning the country to the era of recklessness and corruption which have immensely benefitted the christian leadership materially.

“We are made bold to say the protest is not divinely orchestrated but born out of financial crunch which this administration have brought to the leadership of the Christian. The usual money spree and unflinching influence which the church leaders have enjoyed is no more as, such the leaders have to exploit the gullible sheep to go to the streets and protest against a government which has some of the finest christian as cardinal members.

“We want to say as a Council that the recent killings in the country have claimed the lives of more Muslim faithful than any other religious adherents. Muslims are being killed in hundreds in majorly Muslim dominated areas.

“For Heaven sake why can’t the Christian leaders in the nation organise a protest against their members who are governors of states where the alleged killings are going on, these governors collect hundreds of millions on monthly bases basically for the provision of security to their citizen, while innocent souls are being massacred on daily basis.

“Why can’t these christian leaders condemn their members who are executive governors who at one time or the other are accused of sponsoring ethnic militias who are responsible for some of these killings according to security reports!!  Why can’t the acclaimed custodian of Christianity in this country simply fight for the citizenry instead of segregating the country along the religious divides.

“At this juncture, we want to call on the security agencies to as a matter of urgency embark on a thorough search of religious centers all over the country because evidences at our disposal show that some religious centers in the country have stock piles of ammunition. We are convinced that the  christian leadership in this nation are poised for war! The protest embarked upon by them is just a smoke screen! They have a master plan to force the nation to have a Christian President by all means even if it is by war. We should not forgot that the first and the worst coup experienced by this nation at infancy was carried out by the Christian soldiers, the christian lead the country to a senseless civil war, the christian supported and campaigned for the worst civilian president in this present political dispensation even when the whole world rejected him, and ever since PMB got to power the christian have being consistently used by the opposition for propaganda and campaign of calumny,” the statement analyzed.


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