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Online Fashion – 7 Tips On How To Spend Wisely


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All the daily adverts, juicy packages about shops, stores and malls online, making shopping easy and less stressful and turning online fashion into a trend, has made spending a hard task.

We all love beautiful things and find it hard to say no to what we are crazy about when it comes to online fashion.

How then do we make room for other expenses when we don’t want to miss juicy offers that won’t be available all the time? Here is how:

  1. Make A List

The first reasonable thing to do is make a visible draft (write out) of what your income is and how much of spending you want to do. Depending on how frequent the income is; monthly, weekly or even daily, make a list accordingly. Make sure the list includes bills, logistics and extra spendings.

  1. Set Priorities

After the list of things to buy and spend on, make a new list, prioritizing your items with the most important ones topping the list with their figures and quantity. Don’t forget that savings is also an important item that must be on the list.

  1. Scrutinize

Ask yourself on each item; “Do I really need this item?” It is easy to jumble up and move up some items on the priority list as soon as that tempting offer comes up, so consider scrapping out unnecessary things.

  1. Decide With A Clear Head

Happiness, sadness, music, television and other external factors are strong influence on what we buy or spend on, hence, making decisions to spend on the spur of the moment is a wrong form of decision making.

  1. Spoil Yourself

After a job well done or a hard working week or month, you deserve a “well done” from yourself. Why make money when you can’t spend for yourself anyways? Pat your own back but do it wisely. Once a while review adverts and stores and buy yourself something worthy.

  1. Make Comparison

Don’t just jump on that offer you saw while surfing the net. 50% off a store does not always mean cheaper price. Take time out to compare prices across stores. Pick the best and reasonable offer.

  1. Stick To Your Plan

Don’t just make lists and drafts for nothing’s sake. Stick to your plan and budget. Advertisements are meant to encourage your spending, don’t fall for it all the time.

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