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OPCI Empowers 100 Members Through Education Programme


By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

A group, Odua Progressive Care Initiave (OPCI) has empowered no fewer than 100 members through education to enable be self reliance in the future.

The President of OPCI, Dr Maruff Olanrewaju Salawu who disclosed while speaking with Journalists at his residence in Ilorin on Sunday, said the organisation is poised to assist the youths and members through various empowerment programmes .

Dr Olarenwaju noted that at least 100 people have selected across the for this year edition of the two years academic programme with America Trinity Undiversity of Califonia in Port Novo , Republic of Benin.

‘Our aims objectives are to contribute to the growth and development of Yorubaland and Nigeria in General,” he stressed.

He stated that importance of Education can not be over emphasised,quoting the late sage. Chief Obafemi Awolowo as saying that the most easiest people to govern are the educated people.

“Hence this this organisation to produced best educated and future leaders and followers this.Contrary to what it used to be in OPC,” he added.

The President further stated that the criteria for qualification to take part in  the two years academic-  programme for prospective candidates is to posses ordinary Orddinary level school certificate irrespective of where you come from.

He added that as part of efforts to realize the OPCI aims and objectives,the organization will continue to empower our members education.

The selected 100 people resume academic programme by 27th October ,2017 Are expected to obtain National Diploma.

He reiterated the determination OPCI to deviate from the high handedness that characterised the defunct OPC.

“Ours will not be a leader takes all, rather will operate all inclusive and continue to empower,youths and children through qualitative deductive.”


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