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Open Letter to the Ekiti 5th Assembly


‘Nemo Societies, Unis Lex Us’

By Oke Adekunle

Now that the jostling for political offices has come and gone for the 2015 polls, we need, I guess, to tell one another some home-truth(s), preferably in this format.

Dear Lawmakers, having exercised your franchise and availed yourselves the privilege to now serve the good people of Ekiti State, honestly, as many of you must have averred in your days of active politicking hold, it is apt to realise among other things, that winning an election leaves much to be desired in a moribund polity, may I say like ours!

“Noblesse oblige” says a French proverb; meaning, privilege entails responsibilities. It is what you strive to achieve as a legacy for the state with the power of incumbency, so-called, that will speak volume of your role as an honourable member. Note it, many have come and gone empty-handed and unceremoniously from the position which chance and right now put you today.

Yes, it is fun-filled, they say, to expend state’s fortunes on frivolities or debauchery of flirting escapade, drinking spree, wasteful journey abroad, and connived to rob the “hoipolon” (masses) of their rights as it was typical of many of predecessors. Remember, you become a honourable member of House of Assembly today only to be addressed as an ex-honourable member tomorrow.

Examples of those who at assuming office lost their thinking caps, turned marionettes and disgracefully ousted from offices abound and are still basking in its bitter aftertaste. To therefore say that will not be your portion may not be sincere a prayer if doings prove it wrong as from this moment.

Dear Legislators, it would be advisable to ask yourselves the below questions as honourable members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly and be honest to yourselves in your answers. Ask yourselves, would it be human to disappoint that old man who, reposing trust and confidence in Fayose as the governor of the state and wished him a hitch-free administration through the constitution of a set of understanding lawmakers, staggered crutch in hand to thumb print for me to win at the poll?

Ask again, should these teaming supportive unemployed young-chaps in my constituency, despite their voting for me before, during and after the election be allowed to decay in genteel poverty?

Am I responsible, would I be responsible and true to the name, “Honourable” member of the Ekiti State House of Assembly? These and many more are questions if properly answered that can give you focus and self-assessment while legislating in the hallow chamber.

To be candid, winning an election does not really call for celebration as many of you must have rolled out drums and painted everywhere with the emulsion of victory; the victory most of you recorded on the testimonial and reputation of Governor Ayodele Fayose. Victory as far as I know is the outcome of achievement. It is not winning an election that actually makes one victorious, but serving earnestly in contractual fulfillment of the promises made while campaigning. Then follows the celebration of truly victorious leader, that makes the late sage and veteran politician of Ikenne origin, the best president Nigeria never had, Chief Jeremiah Oyeniyi Obafemi

Awolowo still relevant beyond the grave. Awo walked the talks till he smiled to eternity.

Have you forgotten so quick, that many, history has revealed, have won elections to their disgrace and even everlasting political extinction?

The reason is simple. They pretended to serve while they loot and steal the whole place blind, forgetting that every misdeed of man carries its karma.

To incorporate a song of another tune, one may ask why this message hits on the newly-inaugurated honourable members of Ekiti State

Assembly. Yes, it must; because, their legislative role, irrespective of partisanship and unnecessary submission to the executive, if efficient, determines the success and the tempo at which our dear state, Ekiti, would be uplifted in due course.

However, I cannot misplace the meaning of the party support given you by the Executive Governor at the poll to mean a call or an usher for tyranny and despotism as insinuated by opposition. No! To whom much is given, such (much) is equally expected. It is your legislative onus to make law and not to witch-hunt or deliberately frustrate every policy of the executive. Here applicable the Latin dictum quoted at the outset. That is, in literary translation, no law-making, no society building.

Having charged you thus far, I still want to remind you that, it is absolute wickedness that makes a politician get to power and forget, ignore, or better put or wage war against those who laboured to have him voted into power. The choice to be embraced, stoned or totally rejected like the “G’s” lies with you. It is your call, make it!

Meanwhile, dear 26 honourable members, learn to do it well, for you may not be privileged to get the second chance. The path may be rough and tough, yet, be faithful, honest and dedicated to your course.

Remember, your days in the hallow chamber are numbered, and already minus one today. I wish you all the best.

Thank you for considering the concerned young voice.

Long live, Ekiti State House of Assembly,

Long live, Ekiti State,

Long live, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

•Adekunle writes from Igede-Ekiti.


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