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OPINION: 2023 Presidency: If I Were The Igbos, By Kola Amzat


Without mincing words, Igbo are rare breed to behold. Nature enormously endowed them with an incredible measure of entrepreneurial skills and initiatives. One can’t, but salute their unique industry and can do spirit.

They seamlessly wear garment of optimism and success, as if it’s that easy to succeed. In their bids to conquer, Igbos remain the most ubiquitous of all races in Nigeria.

They transverse everywhere and all business ventures. In all the nooks & crannies of Nigeria, Igbo are registering their dominance in all business spheres.

This writer is particularly thrilled & enamored with their unique Master/Apprenticeship business model that has attracted incredible success to the race.

Indeed, the model is particularly recommended to all other races, in this critical period of teeming youth’s unemployment. Igbo are all over Africa continent, and indeed, the globe in pursuance of what they know how to do best; business and entrepreneurship.

Ironically, they’ve not been flourishing in the Nigeria political sphere. It’s particularly been difficult for them to replicate that huge success they’re recording in the business enterprises in the political landscape.

Besides the race tremendous success in politics between 1960 and 1966 when their kinsman, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was in charge of the country as ceremonial president and first indigenous Governor-General, as well as Sir Tafawa Balewa as Prime Minister, the Igbos success trajectory in the Nigeria politics afterwards, has been somehow limited, even till date.

This travail is largely not unconnected with their political model of operating in fragments and splinter groups. To put the matter in perspective, Igbos seems to be averse to unity of purpose and oneness of direction at the domestic front.

This is unlike the imperial north, that even always strengthens their indivisibility with the appellate ‘monolithic north’, as well as the Yorubas, who always regroup at critical times.

Coupled with the challenge of lack of unity amongst the Igbos, is their tactless approach and faulty strategy to always read the nation’s political barometer & tide, thus deploy it as a platform to position themselves for power & authority.

For instance, when it became apparent that PDP and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan would not survive the 2015 general elections and progressive elements across the country had to coalesce under the APC platform to dethrone them, the entire north and the Yorubas, genuinely moved to APC, but the Igbos in the coalition arrangement were largely undecided.

Meanwhile, of all the major blocs that participated in the coalition arrangement, the north was granted opportunity to present the first presidential candidate.

Of course, it’s no brainer that power have to move to the south after north would have exhausted their tenure of eight years, in order to preserve & protect the unity & oneness of the country.

Of the blocs in the south, it’s obvious that power must shift to the zone where the party have imperial dominance,as well as where that control would be sustained as long as the party exists. Does Igbos have this privilege? No! PDP is in firm control of five (5) states in the South east. It’s also on record that even Imo state, the only state under the APC control, is by the grace of judicial pronouncement.

In the same vein, of the fifteen (15) senatorial seats in the zone, PDP has 12 under their belts, with two (2) ceded to APC, only on the account of Orji UzorKalu and RochasOkorocha, a reward for their stewardship as past governors of Aba and Imo states respectively.

So, on what basis the Igbo are clamoring for 2023 presidency? Even, if they’re presented with the crown, the home support and backing to successfully wear it and further sustains it on the head of whoever wear it in the zone, would not be there.

If per adventure they assume the presidency, APC would still be a monumental failure in the zone during the future elections. Igbo indeed have the history of strong alliance with the conservatives. Should the power, therefore, move to the South west?Yes!

APC are dominant in the zone. Since Awolowo era, the South west has been the political fortress of the progressives and the situation would not change in the foreseeable future. Presently, APC comfortably control five (5) states in the zone, and with absolute certainty that, the sixth state in the zone would be recovered comes 2023. The signs are there.  Sixteen (16) of the 18 senatorial seats in the zone belong to the party, with similar ratio been replicated in the House of Representatives.

These are statistics that can’t be controverted. Politics in the world over is a game of number. What accruable to a political bloc, is essentially on the basis of what the bloc contributes to the pool. What have Igbo zone contribute to the basket of APC to warrant their persistent clamoring for 2023 presidency? Even, a politically less discerning mind would fault their claim and request for presidential slot, as unjustifiable, baseless and against the law of natural justice.

Although, one needs to sympathize with their endless pursuit of presidency without success, but the path of blackmailing and subjecting the party to undue pressure would be counterproductive and would not bring result.

Truth must be told and indeed, in clear terms; Igbo must come to the realization of the fact that, no matter how much they struggle, 2023 is not visible for their presidency.

As we move to the defining years of the race, the best strategy for them is to ensure that, they pull their resources together, mobilize, as well as sensitize the good people of the zone to rally round the expected candidate of the South west, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in his quest for 2023 presidency and simultaneously, enter into agreement & pact with him, as well as leadership of the party, on how they would be supported for the realization of the Igbo presidency after Tinubu tenure must have expired. Fortunately, Tinubu is a friend to many Igbo political bigwigs and gladiators.

Orji UzorKalu, Chris Ngige, OgbonnayaOnuh, Peter Obi and many others, are acknowledged bosom friends of APC national leader, who could successfully enter into a pact & agreements with him and APC hierarchy. The beauty of such political arrangement is that, Tinubu doesn’t have any record, whatsoever of betraying political allies. He’s also known as a respecter of oaths. Igbo could confirm this assertion from Lagos politicians, as well as members of political class in the South west.

No doubt at all, there would be storms, challenges, horse trading, as well as tall mountains to climb, but Bola Tinubu looks set to surmount them all, and fly the flag of APC comes 2023. He’s eminently qualified for the office. Psychologically, emotionally and physically, he’s prepared himself for the top job and there is no doubt that APC would find him worthy as the party’s flagbearer. Therefore, the Igbo political class, as well as their leaders of thoughts, should start engaging him in political discourse on how their presidential dreams would be realized after the expiration of his tenure. That’s their best bet!



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