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OPINION: 2023 Presidency- Tinubu & Stakeholders’ Interests, By Kola Amzat

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

With the combination of divine arrangement and act of providence, Nigeria has continually proved to be a gift to the entire globe, essentially on account of her huge natural endowments, as well as her strategic roles in the black race.

Despite the fact that, over years larger proportions of her wealth have been mindlessly squandered by successive administrations, thereby condemning all her developmental facets; medical facilities, infrastructural and power sector to parlous and embarrassing state, this has not deterred the stakeholders from cultivating and identifying with her.

Nigerian stakeholders are the international community, Nigerian former leaders, the political class, Northern ruling class, traditional rulers, the corporate Nigerians, the press, Nigerian leaders of thoughts, Niger Delta, North East Development Corporation, Socio-political groups, as well as the downtrodden. It’s instructive to note that, all aforementioned parties have diverse interests they always crave the attention of nation leadership for.

As COVID-19 pandemic eats deep into the tenure of President Buhari, thereby inching the nation closer to the next election year, its pertinent we put the stakeholders’ interests in context & proper perspective in order to find a common ground with them.

As expected the interests in Nigeria, by the world super powers, who are also the bastion of democracy, are indeed strategic.

The Americans, Great Britain, Russia, China, Germany etc, for instance desire at all times, a strong & charismatic Nigerian leadership with uncommon capacity to be a rallying point for the entire continent and the black race.

The idea is for him to be able to provide stability, peace and orderliness in the continent, as well as ensuring that the super power business interests & commercial activities are not unduly subject of threats.

They also desire at the helm of affairs, a proven & tested democrat, who speaks democratic language, as well as someone who would be able to relate with them on the same pedestal especially, when it concerns the direction they prefer the world to go.

Tinubu, a study in leadership, a leader of leaders and a democrat of gigantic status fits the type of personality they desire. Indeed, they would find in him a worthy ally.

No doubt, international community should be assured that their business & political interests will be protected under his watch.

It’s also germane to recognize the entrenched interests of the Northern ruling class in our polity. A would- be successful Nigerian leader must be in the know of this. Political interests of dynasties like Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Ibrahim Babangida, Yar’Adua, Muhammud Buhari, Abdulsalam Abubakar etc are paramount and most sensitive to the north.

Tinubu would not be found wanting in the critical assignment of protecting this. Till date, he reserves special places of honors for the Awolowos, MKO Abiolas, Adekunle Ajasins, Bola Iges, Abraham Adesanyas, even Lam Adesinas in the affairs of S/W and also ensuring that their names continually resonate in the politics of the zone.

Even though, Tinubu is a man of multiple constituencies, his primary constituent remains the political sphere, where he has over the last three decades registered his legendary presence and bestrode like a colossus.

He has significantly impacted Nigerian political landscape just as Muhammed Ali influenced the world of boxing. His presence in the nation politics has altered political narratives, as well as influenced the making of quite a number of political gladiators too numerous to mention.

No doubt, Tinubu presidency would further accelerates the development in the country political space, as well as ignites the spirit of the unwilling Nigerian best brains, who might have written off government as haven of corrupt ones, to perhaps, have a rethink on how to contribute their quotas to the development & progress of motherland.

It’s also instructive to note that Asiwaju is at home to socio-political groups & leaders of thought, across the nation, some of whom he speaks glowingly of, and celebrates on continual basis. Of course, he recognizes their places in Nigerian chequered history, as well as their selflessness and their years of struggles to ensure the unity & progress of the nation.

To the Nigerian past leaders whom he indeed he has personal relationships, they would be delighted that a great Nigerian, sufficiently cultured, resolute, bold, strategic in all respects, knowledgeable in all facets and imbued with developmental spirit, as well as technical know-how of governance would be taken off where they stopped.

Of course, they are guaranteed of protection & safeguard of their business & political interests.

With his huge business interests in oil & gas, corporate consultancy and to a reasonable extent, banking, Tinubu remains a dominant member of the corporate Nigerian.

He indeed understands business language, business dynamics, as well as numerous challenges in Nigerian business landscape. He also recognizes that, its economic & infrastructural developments that must be the epicenter of the policy of any government that desire success.

Obviously, Tinubu would ensure that corporate Nigerian remain dominant force in his government. As a democrat of immense status, whose commitments and beliefs in democratic principles remains unquestionable, his firm beliefs in equitable distribution of the nation wealth is undoubted.

He would rather further strengthen the Revenue Allocation Formula in order to appropriate more revenue to the location where larger proportion of revenue is being generated to Federation Account. He would rather skew the existing allocation model to favor Niger Delta in order to ensuring genuine development in all facets in that region.

It’s also critical  to note that, his interest & deep passion for press is unmistakable, with his enormous investments in the print & electronic media, as well as engaging the crop of some of the best in that profession to manage the entities.

It’s clear that Nigerian press has been  worthy partners & incredible allies in his decades of political adventures. Having recognized the press as a potent force, it’s obvious that these groups are assured of better & fulfilled times in Tinubu presidency.

In Nigeria today, Tinubu remains one personality with wonderful relationship with traditional institution. In his SW domain, he specially cultivates a unique relationship with virtually all the First class Obas; Ooni of Ife, Awujale of Ijebuland, Alake of Egbaland, Oba of Lagos, Alaafin of Oyo etc. It’s on record that some of the Obas in Lagos today were installed and enormously empowered during his tenure as Lagos state governor.

His interest in the institution also cuts across the S/E, N/C, as well as N/W, where he maintains personal & business interests with some of the Emirs. Its incontrovertible that traditional rulers would have a better deals under his watch. Unbelievably, his most comfortable habitat is where the nation downtrodden dwells.

Just like President Buhari, he’s always at home in the midst of masses. Even at the height of his splendor, he continually identifies with them: the market women, rural dwellers, Lagos area boys, members of NURTW across the land, less privileged etc. They could discern him, he could easily discern them!

Tinubu easily identifies with all class, regardless of creed, religion affiliations, culture, sex and ethnicity. It’s  important for every countryman; old & young, professional & politicians, leaders of thoughts & socio-cultural, political & business class, traditional rulers & downtrodden etc to rise in unison, support and ensure Tinubu presidency comes 2023.


























































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