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OPINION: 2023 Presidential Race: El-Rufai Bid Will Extinct APC


The rumor has been in the public domain in the past few months, but, it’s fast becoming a reality that Mallam El-Rufai, the diminutive incumbent governor of Kaduna state might have made up his mind to contest for the nation topmost job in 2023 general elections.

Even though, it’s within his constitutionally guaranteed rights to aspire to any office in the land as a Nigerian, nonetheless, one expects that the governor should do a critical & sincere analysis and assessment of his capability and therefore be conscious of his limitations and stay within that realm.

The keen followers of the country political developments know quite well that El-Rufai has been exceptionally lucky for the offices he has held so far, since the advent of the 4th Republic. Indeed, it’s a huge achievement for him to have been a Minister of FCT and of course, life achievement of sort to be the present governor of Kaduna state, for he lacks the necessary temperament and requisite leadership credentials to be in charge of such exalted offices. In any case, it was President Buhari who imposed him on the people of Kaduna state.

El-Rufai was indeed, an Emperor as FCT Minister, confiscating the territory lands and yielding them to families and cronies under the guise of enforcing Abuja master plan. His tenure as Kaduna state governor so far has been less salutary. He has succeeded in polarizing the political atmosphere of the hitherto wonderful and amazing state. It’s his draconian and insensitive policies that have necessitated pitching El-Zakyzaky and his group with Nigerian government and entire citizenry.

He has also succeeded in creating gulf in political and socio-cultural relationship between people of Kaduna south and north. It would take the sheer grace of God to mend the already broken fences. El-Rufai has been arrogantly intolerant of political oppositions, so much that violence erupts in the state at the slightest provocations.

The names of political opponents he believes he has caged are endless; this includes very eminent political figures like SheuSani, Ibrahim Hunkuyi and host of highly developmental, exciting and resourceful citizens of the state.

Nigerians recall that, it was the same governor who masterminded and facilitated the sale of most Nigerian assets and Agencies to Alhaji AtikuAbubakar when he was DG, BPE under the regime of ex-president, Olusegun Obasanjo.

We also vividly recall that after it became apparentthat President Buhari has been confirmed for the second term in office, it was the same El-Rufai who ignited unnecessary commotion in Aso Rock, on account of his desperate desire to take over the office of CoS from Mallam Abba Kyari in a power play that almost rocked the Villa to its foundation. It’s the tact & wisdom of the cabal that rescued Abba Kyari from the machination.

As far as international communities are concerned, his ambition is dead on arrival (DOA) particularly for the reckless and inglorious statement he made during 2019 elections that, the body bags would be used to dispatch the bodies of non-compliant foreign observers during the said elections.

In the home front, there is no gainsaid the fact that,he would record zero performance in the southwest geopolitical zone on account of his widely known hostility to the people of the zone and their leaders. In the South South&South East zones, he would not make any in-roads, consequent upon his persistent arrogant posture and indiscretion to the leaders of Niger Delta and their people, as well as his constant upbraid and derogatory pronouncements on the Igbo leaders. In the north central and north east zones, the people see in him a bigot and political opportunist who only rode on the crest of popularity of President Buhari to assume office.

They also see in him a combustible personality, who has the capacity to cause incalculable damage to the peace & unity of the country. Even in his North West domain, the perception of him of the people of the zone is that of an enfant terrible who desperately desire office he’s not suited for, purposely to perpetuate hegemony and ignite confusion & hatred across the land.

It must be acknowledged that,with the restoration of Bayelsa state to PDP, there is no doubt that the main opposition has regained absolute control of Niger Delta and South East. I honestly do not envisage that Hope Uzodinma will pose so much challenge for the PDP to dislodge in 2023. PDP are also in firm control of Bauchi, a very strategic state in the North East, as well as Adamawa &Taraba states. They are also in Zamfara, with a governor who has so far demonstated admirable competence and capacity.

If by mistake, El Rufai is offered APC platform to contest in 2023, PDP only need to cultivate South West zone and absolutely nothing would stop their march to Aso Villa. APC hierarchy must acknowledge that Mallam El-Rufai is not marketable on account of his intolerance, lack of respect for elders and leaders of thoughts across the country. He’s combustible and lacks emotional capacity to preside over a multi-cultural, multi-ethnicity and highly diverse country like Nigeria. And of course, he’s not a friend of international community. Could Nigeria as a nation opt for a president who would be hostile to the globe in 21st century, even when the world best, the American, are daily cultivating the nations across the globe to be their partners?

El-Rufai choice as APC flag bearer would no doubt spells doom and eventually extinct the party and what the party represent. This is therefore a clarion call to APC hierarchy across the nation to frustrate his bid before it becomes a reality.




 WasiuK.AMZAT(FCA),Yaba, Lagos.



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