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OPINION: Agenda For Tinubu Presidency, By Kola AMZAT


Except for the lopsided federal appointments more often skewed in favor of the North, as well as the obvious partial treatment being meted to other zones, with respect to the distribution of nation wealth, also always in favor of the geopolitical blocs in the north, President Buhari has done well in other areas.

For instance, Nigerians are now conscious of the true meaning of the phrase “Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces”.

Interrogate Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, El-ZakyZaky, Bukola Saraki, Joshua Dariye, Jolly Nyame, Dino Melaye, and even the recalcitrant, Omoyele Sowore, they will individually enunciate further on the exact meaning of C-in-C.

Buhari has also reasonably restored respect & dignity of the country, on account of the trust & confidence that international community now place on Nigeria, especially as it relates to partnering with us in several high profile business dealings, as well as restoring back to her, the humongous stolen and looted wealth.

By the time Buhari’s tenure expires in 2023, Boko Haram insurgence might have been significantly annihilated following the president’s recent mandate to Lt. Gen Buratai to relocate to the mainstream of the carnage.

In his second term, he has signed into law, autonomy for legislative & Judiciary. He has also succeeded in collaborating with the National Assembly to restore to Jan-Dec cycle, Appropriation Bill.

The Finance Act recently signed into law comprising far-reaching policy measures in the nation finance sphere; VAT increase, variations in CIT etc is a novel. Nigerians also recall that the president signed into law the Local Government Autonomy some few months ago.

Buhari has also registered his footprints on the sands of road infrastructures, railway construction, second Niger Bridge, as well in revamping the Ajaokuta steel rolling mill. By the time he vacates, remarkable progress would have been made in these areas.

Therefore, as 2023 beckons, it’s incumbent on the Nigerian people to ensure that the momentum of development in all segments by the present administration is not only sustained, but also elevated to a contemporary pedestal, comparable to what’s obtainable in Europe, American, and Asia.

With a groundswell of support of political leaders across political divides, leaders of thoughts, traditional rulers, press, the international community, women and student groups, we expect a triumphal into Aso Villa by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

With the project coming into realization, its germane to move to the new level of agenda-setting for the former Lagos State governor.

Expected to be dominant in the centre of gravity of Tinubu presidency’s programs is diversification of the economy. Henceforth, it would be suicidal & most dangerous for a country with a population of more than 200 million people like Nigeria to still be regarded as monoculture economy.

Against this backdrop, every potential major revenue earner must be upgraded to the same level with oil resources.  Solid mineral resources are presently being plundered & cornered into the private estates by the retired generals & traditional rulers with the connivance of foreign miners.

It will be an appropriate time to arrest the economic pandemic, by redirecting the generated revenues therein, into FAAC account. It’s also instructive to note that thousands of Nigerians professionals in diverse fields are now prepared to be Agriculture entrepreneurs, with enabling environment in place.

The assistance they would be in expecting would be in form of CBN Agric Finance with low interests, Acres of lands not associated with cut throat prices, Agric implements, as well as roads & rail infrastructures that would ensure the movement of the produce to the point of sale.

Coupled with the repositioning of NNPC, Tinubu presidency must also ensure that the nation gas resources continually pool several millions of dollars into FAAC account, as against the present wastage of the resources through flaring. On a related note, his government must ensure that the nation refineries are concession to private Entrepreneurs to manage for profit.

Dangote should be able to spearhead the new order alongside other tested & trusted oil & gas magnates.

In ICT segment, Nigerians expect that Tinubu presidency will herald new global ICT Entrepreneurs of Nigerian descent in the class of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, as well as the likes of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube inventors.

We expect his government to institute vibrant and modern institutional framework and create enabling environment to ensure the realization of this novel idea.In 21st century, this dream is obviously not beyond us.

In the manufacturing sector, the citizenry expect that Tinubu global contacts will trigger of deluge of requests from across the globe to establish manufacturing plants in Nigeria. The nation also expects the springing up of clusters of manufacturing companies, with diverse products, in strategic locations in all the six geo-political zones across the country.

The populace expects that the country may likely reach a point in his presidency when vast majority of Nigerian would no longer be attracted to paid employment in the financial & manufacturing sector, as well as in the civil service.

The business sphere would have been so conducive & enabling that the professionals in diverse fields, as well as school leavers would be desirous to be entrepreneurs.

Nigerians expect Asiwaju to sufficiently decentralize the Lagos port. Warri, Onne & Port-Harcourt ports are expected to be restructured, reengineered and repositioned in terms of dredging, man power supply, capacity building, as well provision of other logistics to take the load off Apapa port.

With this achieved, it would certainly be a new dawn in the revenue generation to FAAC account from ports segment. Also, with quantum of resources available to Nigeria, Tinubu administration should be thinking of putting in place additional two Ajaokuta models, perhaps in a location in the south west, as well as south east geopolitical zones.

COVID 19 pandemic has thoroughly exposed the fragility & vulnerability of medical sector. Things are not just right with that sector! Without much ado, Tinubu presidency must construct in each location of the geo-political zone one standard hospital of global standard, in addition to other two; one each in Lagos and FCT, Abuja. Educational sector should also command greater priority in Asiwaju presidency.

The proliferation of private universities in the country has assumed an alarming dimension, so much that certificate laurel has become cash & carry article. The rot is gradually permeating into the public university, with the resultant effect in the erosion of ethics, values and morals in all the facets of the society.

The new government should as a matter of urgency mandate & condition NUC and other educational regulatory bodies reverse the ugly trend. On a related note, Tinubu presidency must evolve an homegrown model to educate the deprived and Almajiris in the north.

The pandemic is a time bomb that must not be allowed to explode. If need be, a special ministry should be created for them like Niger Delta. Also, the restless teeming youth population is another major concern for the country.

The populace expect Tinubu to productively & creatively accommodate the jobless amongst them into creative & entertainment industry, sporting ventures, Nollywood segment etc. May be partnership have to be entered into with foreign bodies like La Liga, English premiership partnership with Nigeria etc.

Tinubu presidency must develop new strategy to show case Niger Delta as the true pride of Nigeria nation. The existing regime of squandermania of the nation wealth must be halted.

A new chapter that will ensure the length & breadth of the region are massively infrastructured with modern roads networks, overhead bridges of contemporary standard, medical facilities of world standard, as well as life time empowerment for the deprived of the region must be on the Agenda.

In the same vein, spirited attempts must be made by Asiwaju to restore back the glory of the North East zone that has been ravaged by years of bombardment by Boko Haram. The intervention will be in the area of road & rail construction, reconstruction of institutional buildings, medical facilities, as well as working on the psyche of the people of the region.

Finally, the power project in Nigeria is not working. The three chains of generation, distribution and marketing seems structurally flawed, as its not supporting the aspirations & efforts of Nigerian people, as well as the nation herself in her developmental forays.

It’s pathetic the situation the nation found herself especially when considered Trillions of Naira that have been squandered on this sector.

The challenge for Tinubu presidency is to develop & evolve a new strategy to bring the sector into a level where it will have sufficient capacity to drive the expected momentum in the nation manufacturing sector, ICT segment, expected diverse initiatives in entrepreneurship, as well as new paradigm in educational sector.
























































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