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OPINION: APC’s Plan for Consensus Presidential Candidate: A Historic Move?, By Kola Amzat


We’re damn too close to 2023 general elections. Indeed, in a short while from now, 2022 beckons and it would just dawn on us that we are there right in the middle of ocean of general elections. It’s therefore germane that parties must from now set machinery in motion to prepare to accommodate all aggrieved candidates who would necessarily surface on account of grievances from convention and primary into offices of president, governors, senators and parliamentarians. The only selection process that may be less acrimonious and perhaps, less rancorous is the choice by consensus.

This is why the recent pronouncement by the Secretary to APC National Caretaker Committee, Senator John Akpanudoehede that the party had resolved to pick a consensus presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections is quite heartwarming, reassuring and a game-changer. Indeed, APC has eloquently proved that they’ve learnt some lessons from the pitfalls of PDP power brokers who at the peak of the party glory were just riding roughshod on the nation and the political sphere, taking tragic and damaging decisions which later led to the collapse of their political empire.

We indeed salute the resourcefulness, doggedness and patriotic zeal of the caretaker members for this feat and all other landmark achievements they’ve recorded especially, attracting those PDP governors and other key members of the opposition parties into the APC fold. We also as a matter of necessity commend APC political class across the nation for standing by the zoning arrangement, and encouraging them to ensure that the resolve come to pass. This is the only way to guarantee the unity, oneness and indivisibility status of our dear nation, as well as giving all the major stakeholders sense of belonging.

Meanwhile, while the leadership of our great party are tinkering with idea of consensus candidate and zoning arrangement, it is very important to remind them that they need to avoid the temptation of making a choice of a less popular and unacceptable candidate, as well as political green horn and neophyte. Of course, their assignment is well cut out, if they indeed desire to carry it out sincerely. They must be mindful of the fact that, very few leaders were the architects of this party.

Those architects toiled and struggled to ensure that the party berthed. They pulled resources together. They mobilized the progressives across the country and imbibe in them spirit of confidence that the then-new party had the capacity and political wherewithal to dethrone the then ruling party. To the glory of Almighty, their vision came to pass. Of the two major stakeholders who midwifed the party, one would be gloriously rounding up eight years of achievement-laden, action-parked and purposeful tenure on the dot of May 23, 2023.

The other one is preparing to take the baton of leadership of the country from May 23, 2023 on account of implied agreement entered into. Against all odds, this one has given maximum support to the incumbent president and all his programs, as well as his policies.

Also, he has continually mobilize Nigerians both at home and in Diaspora to fervently believe in the president and keep fate with him despite the drum beats of anarchy, confusion and chaos and persistent dissenting views from the camps of oppositions. He has also assisted the president immensely in stabilizing the NASS which used to be an albatross and no go area in the dark era of immediate past NASS spearheaded by the Kwara-born gregarious BukolaSaraki.

Nigerians must recognize and appreciate that the seamless passing of many key executive bills by the NASS, as well as the fantastic relationship between the executive and legislative arms of government does just occur; it’s a product of calculative and tactical move by someone.

Let me also submit that, the one aspiring to take over the mantle of nation leadership is not just aspiring to lead; he’s eminently qualified to assume that role after the president. He has an incredible and unassailable capacity to lead. He has done it before in Lagos taking the state of Excellence to a greater height and instituting a roadmap of infrastructural, economic and educational plans that has made the state the most prosperous, sought after and most developed not only in Nigeria, but in Sub Saharan African. He’s also a renowned manager of men and resources. Of all Nigerian politicians living or dead, no one has supplied very resourceful, hardworking, patriotic and very committed people to the political sphere than he does.

The list is endless. His product are in presidency, NASS, state executive committees across the federation, even including the Local government councils. He is a bridge-builder of repute with friends across the length and breadth of our nation, an attribute a 2023 president must of necessity purpose to re-tie the bond of unity and harmony in our country. Without any iota of doubt, he is also fantastically connected abroad with global and political leaders across African continent and even, at the global stage.

Why shouldn’t the consensus committee members look at the direction of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and zero on him to save the party from dissipating energy unnecessarily? He is already a ready-made product.

He also understands this country in and out. At the grass roots across the federation, the thinking of the teeming party members is for the party hierarchy to identify very suitable, loyal and patriotic northern vice president that would carry APC banner with him. That’s what APC should be working at.

Tinubu will be a tremendous and very attractive candidate. APC hierarchy would do well to discountenance the all .aspersions at his personality.

They’re all propaganda. Tinubu would record for APC landslide victory, even better than MKO and importantly, he would lead and govern well. We must all work in unison to disregard detractors. Agunbajeolodo, Enulodo won!



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