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OPINION: APC Zoning Agreement: El-Rufai, Amaechi & Fashola Can’t All Be Wrong, By Kola Amzat


Besides Baba Bisi Akande, who was in fact the party’s interim National Chairman, President Muhammadu Buhari, as well as Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who was the brainbox and the mastermind behind the formation of APC, there were other towering figures privy to all agreements reached and deals sealed, on the basis of gentleman agreement entered into in 2014 when the party came into existence. There was Mallam Nasir el-Rufai who was then, one of the closest allies to President Buhari, having been his confidant and political son since their days in CPC.

There was also Babatunde Fashola (SAN) who was unarguably Asiwaju’s trusted ally and the then governor of Lagos State, where the strategy for the birth and formation of the party was incubated, hatched, and eventually sealed. Fashola in fact hosted the first-ever presidential primary of the party, which produced the then retired Major-General Buhari as the presidential candidate.

And of course, mention must be made of Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, who was for a long time at daggers drawn with the ex-president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, on account of the former’s support for Buhari, as well as his defection to APC. It’s therefore instructive to emphasize that, the likes of El-Rufai, Amaechi, and Fashola are resounding voices in matters that bother on APC formation, as well as agreements reached and pact sealed, at the on-set and it would be a tragedy of immeasurable proportion to jettison and disregard their submissions at this critical time of the existence of the party.

Nigerians have watched with keen interests how the trio submissions within the past couple of weeks, concerning the gentleman agreement reached by the party’s founding fathers that, power must shift to the South after the north might have exhausted their eight years in Aso Villa, have continued to resonate and dominate the political horizon.

A few days ago, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, a former governor of Kano State and a distinguished Senator, Federal Republic of Nigeria, also submitted that there is a need for power to shift to the south, for fairness, justice, and equity to prevail in the land. Indeed, it’s confounding and most embarrassing for APC to found itself, in this most unnecessary and laughable impasse of power shift conundrum, when the agreement to where power & authority should move, had long ago been settled.

Rather than entangle the party and its faithful across the land in this needless controversy, what should be dominating the strategic initiatives of the party now, is how to constitute a winning, focus, and vibrant National Working Committee (NWC), that would not only ensure the triumph of the party in 2023 presidential election but also corner additional states in the South/south and South/east, as well as dominating the NASS, a move that would ensure that programs & policies of the party got seamlessly implemented by the incoming president.

As a matter of fact, there is no better time for APC to put her house in order than now, when PDP is being badly ravaged, with their ranks being terribly depleted by the gale of defections of their top party men and big wigs to the ruling party. Sadly for the PDP, many of their governors are also on the threshold of defecting, even including NyesomWike, who has been the party driving force.

But APC would only reap the maximum gains and significantly benefit from PDP travails, if the party hierarchy resolves to eschew bitterness, strife and petty jealousy by presenting the crown to the deserving man, as well as ensuring that, they’re unrelenting in focusing only on the major battle ahead, which indeed is 2023 general elections, rather than dissipating energy at directions where results would not be forthcoming.

However, that’s not to submit that the party would not encounter challenges, but, they won’t be lacking in capacity to weather the storm particularly with PDP major gladiators moving over.

Even though there is no gain-said the fact that Nigerians are already disenchanted, disoriented, and disinterested with the ruling party on account of a spate of insecurity across the country, frustration of teeming youths unemployment, persistent economic woes & downturns, lopsided appointments, and inequality in the distribution of national wealth significantly skewed in favor of the north, kidnappings& banditry, as well as general hopelessness & despondence pervading the length & breadth of the country, consequent upon the failing promises on the path of government, but, nonetheless, as I submitted earlier, APC would surely find ways around these challenges with the choice of deserving candidate and best man for the job, who incidentally is already in the fold of the party. For the umpteenth times, Tinubu stands a head taller than any other candidate in the race for the 2023 presidency.

It’s pointless to start re-emphasizing the qualities the APC national leader is made of. There is no iota of doubt that Bola Tinubu is a brilliant and great mind and in him, Nigeria is privileged to have a rare breed with perhaps, all the qualities expected in a contemporary leader. That the nation would maximally benefit from his wealth of managerial and political experience is not in doubt.

That he would manage the economy efficiently well, is not a subject of controversy. That he would re-ignite the lost glory of the nation, as well as restore the excitement and enthusiasm of Nigerians, by making them be once again proud of their country, is not debatable. That he would not only restore the lost unity & oneness and amongst Nigerians but would give the countrymen in all walks of life a sense of belonging is never a subject of debate. Even though he’s not reported to have had any military background, but with his leadership & managerial skills, Tinubu would surely find ways around the insecurity challenges that have brought the entire nation onto her knees in the past decade.

We’re also confident that the nation’s infrastructure, socio-political, as well as ICT spheres, would experience Tinubu’s Midas touch and turn-around. More importantly, the nation stands to benefit significantly from its international contacts both in business and politics, with Nigeria expected to play a key role in the international market and diplomatic arena.

We could see clearly that, the best and the brightest Americans are the ones super-intending the affairs of their country. The same is applicable to Great Britain, Russia, Germany, China, Korea, etc. Why should our case be different? What is the North afraid of? Who is Afraid of Bola Tinubu? For the avoidance of doubt, the APC national leader is one of the most flexible, wonderful personalities and amazing mixer one could come in contact. He seamlessly flows with all classes; political class, Traditional rulers, clergymen, women folks, students, downtrodden, etc. Let me at this juncture encourage our northern brothers and other political groups across the land to repose absolute trust & confidence, in Bola Tinubu, as well as keep fate with him, as he does not have any record whatsoever, of disappointing allies.

It’s also germane to categorically declare that, there is no need for them to be running from pillar to post in search of a reliable, credible, and visionary leader, as they already have one in their fold. What the expectant nation expects from them is to rally round this distinguished Nigerian and accord him maximum support so that he could conveniently start from where President Buhari would stop comes 2023.

*Kola AMZAT (FCA, FCIB, ACS, MBA) is a Lagos-based Financial & Management Consultant. He could be reached via 09077509348



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