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OPINION: Arsonists Attacks On TVC, Nation Newspapers & Others, Was Misplaced Aggression, By Kola Amzat


Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is not the Nigerian President, Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces, so,it’s not within his purview to deploy security forces to maintain peace & orderliness in any part of the country, as it’s being insinuated and alleged.

He’s just the national leader of the ruling party, a status he eminently qualified for. He’s one Nigerian with a strong believe in the corporate existence of the country. He’s a statesman with an unmistakable and firm commitment in the unity, oneness & togetherness of the nation.

And, he’s demonstrated this, by the bridges he’s built across the length & breadth of Nigeria. He’s also shown in eloquent terms, his tremendous belief in the Nigerian economy, its resilience, as well as its capacity for turn-around. This has been reflected through several business investments ventures he’s established in virtually all the sectors of the nation economy.

This is however in contrast to other rich & wealthy Nigerians, who chose to locate in foreign countries, their investments in oil & gas, banking, communication, as well as universities they established abroad.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has also sufficiently demonstrated his unshakeable belief & trust in the capacity of Nigerian youths, with his deliberate efforts to personally entrusting many of them with positions of higher responsibilities in the nation political sphere, as well as influencing many into elective positions, and recommending many others for appointment into higher responsibilities across the land.

He’s also replicated this in the corporate sphere, where he consciously engages very many of them in the corporate sector—oil & gas, banking, communication, consultancy services etc. How come then that his personal investments in Lagos were subject of attacks by the arsonists, hoodlums and #EndSARS agitators?

How come the arsonists & agents of darkness refused to challenge their individuals’ conscience of their effrontery & guts at brazenly attacking TVC, Nation Newspapers, as well as several public buildings & private investments across the nation? Simply put; their wicked action was most barbaric, evil, heinous, despicable and nothing other than, criminality at its zenith.

Nigerian youths should endeavor to take adventure into the political trajectory and documentary(s)of countries that have risen from extinction & zero state, to the status of superpower; this wasn’t the path chosen by their teeming youths. The heroes of modern Japan were youths, who collaborated with their leaders to ensure that the country rose from ashes that remained of Hiroshima after 1945 world war, to their present state of prominence in global economic & political spheres.

Even in the Middle East where political agitations are ways of life, the eyes & focus of the agitators are always on the ball and not wanton destruction of public institutions, private investments, as well as looting of their country properties.

That’s why they always achieve their goals & objectives. Recently, one of our West African neighbors, Malians, with particular reference to their teeming youths, swarmed the streets of Bamako for weeks, demanding a change of government. They’d at the back of their minds one key objective and they pursued it vigorously to the logical end. It’s never reported that, they looted their countrymen properties. They never went after public institutions for destruction. They weren’t raping innocent and defenseless ladies & women.

To underscore their unprecedented destructive minds, Governor BabajideSanwo-olu has estimated the worth of properties destroyed in Lagos alone, to be in the region of N1Trillion. Even at that, AzuhOshimili, a brilliant Lagos based journalist of 92.3 FM and his paper view crew, totally disagreed with the governor. They advised him to take a trip to Lekki/Ajah axis, the centerpiece of the destruction and looting spree. As far as they are concerned, the havoc wrecked by the hoodlums, arsonists and #EndSARS agitators in Lagos alone should be close to N2Trillions, if not more. And, so it was in Port Harcourt, Owerri, Ilorin,Kano, Asaba, Nnewi, Aba, Abuja, Jos, Calabar and other parts of Nigeria.

Totally, the worth of wide scale destruction & annihilation of public institutions, private investments, as well as individual households could conveniently be summed up within the bracket of N6-7Trillions. How could this madness & obvious insanity be justified and under what guise?

The same irate youths also invaded the palace of Oba of Lagos, looted, carted properties worth millions of naira and also, tragically made away with the staff of office of the highly revered monarch. What’s the sense in stealing a sacred instrument? To achieve what!

To sell it or for the robbers to create kingdom of robbers, and start using it as an instrument of office! It’s instructive to assert that, whosoever is culpable in desecrating Yoruba traditional Institution by removing the staff of office of Oba of Lagos from its enclave has assaulted the deities and must therefore be prepared to face the dire consequences, even; their generations would not be spared. 

Of course, the countrywide wanton destruction and looting of properties has proved in eloquent terms that, this country has a very long way to go. For emphasis, after the tenure of many of today’s public office holders, it would be the turn of today’s teeming youths to mount the saddle.

Is this the type of leadership the nation should expect from them? Is this how they would run the country affairs?  Let me state categorically that, it’s the Nigerian citizens & corporate enterprises that would eventually bear the brunt of mindboggling loss the nation suffered on account of the thoughtless destruction, through heavy payments of Taxation. With this, have the agitators achieved their objective?

This is a country presently groaning and panting under serious economic stress. This is a country which not quite long ago, got released from economic recession and of course, it’s on the threshold of another economic recession consequent upon the Covid-19 pandemic that ravaged the entire globe. The havoc the youths wrecked on the nation has therefore further plunged the country into economic woes.

Let me submit and even unequivocally that, the youths must seek for forgiveness from that man of honor, dignity, respect, as well as a true Nigerian, who symbolizes empathy in all ramifications, in person of AsiwajuTinubu, who no doubt, is their pillar and promoter of their individual visions & aspirations, having genuinely made spirited efforts to develop very many youths, through the trust & confidence he reposes in them by placing in positions of higher responsibilities, authority & power, both in political & economic spheres.

Finally, let me also submit that, at a critical point like this, President Buhari would do well, to be wary of those disgruntled elements and agents of disunity within the APC, who are desperately looking for his favour and are therefore capitalizing onthe present confusion in the country as a platform to confuse he president that AsiwajuTinubu encouraged and supported the #EndSARS agitators. For the avoidance of doubt, Bola Tinubuis an acknowledged nation builder. He is undoubtedly one pillar of support APC as a party, is lucky to have. To the glory of God, he’s one of the few who midwife the party and also nurtured it to the present state. Besides his unalloyed support for the president and unmistakable commitment to the president policies & programs, he’s also done remarkably well for the administration in terms of supplying quality and men of proven capacity, character and focus to support the president in his vision & mission for the country. He also made spirited efforts in constituting a supportive NASS leadership to work with the president. Is it possible for such a developmental personality to destroy the house he’s labored to build? Is it possible that, he truncates the programs and developmental forays of the government he helped to enthroned? It’s high time for these over-ambitious men, with shallowness of mind to acknowledge that no evil plots of theirs would stand on the way of Bola Tinubu. Just like in the past, they’ve lost the battle again. Nigerians earnestly await their next move.


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