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OPINION: Babagana Kingibe; Not Again! By Kola Amzat


Except for Ambassadorial appellation attached unto his name, not much was known of Babagana Kingibe until provident brought him out, when he was chosen by the SDP as vice presidential candidate to run on the same presidential ticket with the late business mogul, Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola during the 1993 general elections.

The historic election, overwhelmingly won by MKO, but annulled by IBB led military junta was adjudged to be the freest & the best election ever conducted in the continent of Africa.

The annulment necessitated the birth of NADECO and several pro-democracy groups in Nigeria, all of who collaborated to attempt to ensure that the mandate was actualized.

But, it’s instructive to note that, the military top brass had made up their minds.

In the struggles for the actualization of the mandate, life was snuffed out of Kudirat Abiola, Pa Alfred Rewane, Suliat Adedeji and quite a number of other notable Nigerians. Attempts were also made on the life of Pa Abraham Adesanya, Alex Ibru and of course, many pro-democracy activists were hounded into exile including Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Pa Enahoro, Alani Akinrinade, Ebitu Ukiwe etc.

While the struggle was intense, the acclaimed winner, MKO Abiola, was clamped into the detention where he was later assassinated in July 1997.

In the thick of this, the vice-presidential candidate, Babagana Kingibe, who ordinarily supposed to champion and lead the struggle for the actualization, with the MKO in detention, was busy wining-&-dining with the military top brass.

The romance later got to a climax when he was appointed as Foreign Affairs Minister under Abacha regime.

The appointment didn’t only tear the mandate into the shreds; it technically sounded a death knell for the mandate.

The military top brass discovered in him a “worthy ally” who they sufficiently & enormously empowered to contribute to subverting the mandate and also, released to them, some classified information and strategies adopted by the SDP to win the election.

When journalists thereafter quizzed him on why he had to sell out, his unsavory comments swept the SDP leadership and the political class off their foot.

After the collapse of Interim Arrangement/Abacha government, Nigeria heard little of him until when late President Umar Yar’Adua appointed him as Secretary to the government of Federation. He was only in that office for six months when dramatically, he was removed.

He was accused of deploying the office as an instrument to build political camps in the Villa & across the country, not only to subvert the government, but, also to succeed Yar’Adua.

He was also alleged to be using the office to undermining government policies.

The development led to his ignominious disappearance from the seat of government for several years, until few days ago when news filtered from the Villa that the president has resolved to appoint him as the new CoS.

Even though, it’s the prerogative of the president to make any appointment he desires, the fact remains that, this is un-usual times, with its turbulence & difficulties, when the president needs love & affection, as well as prayer of the generality of Nigerians to survive, on account of the loss of a genuine friend & loyal compatriot.

Mallam Abba Kyari replacement must of necessity be a loyal, humane, widely accepted, quiet and resourceful confidant of the president, and essentially apolitical Nigerian, who would not only squarely face his briefs and assist the president in the onerous task of delivering for the remaining two years his tenure endures, but also strives to attract love & affections of the generality of Nigerians unto the president.

Obviously, the charismatic Kingibe is not imbued with these attributes. If appointed, the president must be ready to cope with the unsettled Villa and confusion within the government apparatus.

Kingibe would surely be a disaster waiting to happen, as there would be crisis of trust & confidence between the presidency and the political class, as well as leaders of thoughts, and Nigerians across the land.

Besides, he’s also generally perceived as a personality with inordinate ambition and uncommon schemer, with capacity to do anything for power.

Appointing amiable Kingibe would be a monumental risk and complete disservice to political class & leaders of thoughts, who were thoroughly humiliated and dismembered, on account of his conducts in two/three opportunities he had at the corridor of power.

We sincerely encourage the president not only to conduct wide & extensive consultations, but also to tread cautiously & carefully before making this all important appointment that will surely define & shape his government in the next two years.

The president should be conscious of leaving a long-lasting legacy for Nigeria; Babagana Kingibe would be a wrong choice to assist him in achieving this dream.
























































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