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OPINION: Continuos Rentention Of Service Chiefs; The Consequencies by Kola Amzat


Since the commencement of President Buhari’s second term in office, one issue that has generated so much controversy and still remains topical to date is the continuous retention of the service chiefs in office by the president, despite the opposition of virtually all the stakeholders across the country to this effect.

The opposition of Nigerians is sufficiently justified; on account of huge threat, the country territorial integrity is being subjected, in the last few months, as well as human carnage on-going, in virtually all the states in the North West & North East geo-political zones of the country.

Indeed, Nigeria has never in her chequered history, experienced this type of widespread & large scale human destruction before.

Suddenly, life has become so cheap in that part of the country, so much that human annihilation there is becoming not worthy of reporting, any longer by the national & international print & electronic media, as well as in so social media.

The populace has totally adjusted their psyche, as it has become a way of life. What a tragic tale that has become the lots of Maiduguri, Gusau, Damaturu, Gusau, Sokoto and even Jos where Nigerians in all walks of life hitherto loved to make adventures to!

Beyond the unprecedented human destruction there, the affected zones have become a no-go area for business Entrepreneurs. Business activities have suffered total collapse in most of the locations.

Despite the persistent claims of victory by the Armed Forces Authority, some of the LGCs there are still under the firm control of the insurgents & bandits.

In the states being terrorized and ravaged by Boko Haram, only their capitals are experiencing semblance of what decent living looks like, as most of the suburbs and other prominent towns in the states have been deserted, with some taken refuge in state capitals, some accommodated at Internally Displaced Camps (IDPs) and few comfortable indigenes relocating their families to Abuja.

The tragic aspect of the development is that peoples’ travail is becoming endless, as Armed Forces seem to be bereft of ideas on how to bring the carnage to a close.

Of course, several billions of Naira has been wasted, as well as the sophisticated armory, aircrafts/helicopters destroyed in the internal war. Sometimes, when it seems momentarily that the military are about drawing curtains on the activity of the insurgents, you suddenly hear that hundreds of lives have been wasted.

It’s instructive that, the major blame are squarely at the door step of the president who continues to retain the service chiefs and even service chiefs themselves, who have completely ran out of ideas on how to tackle the insurgence with the deployment of the contemporary intelligentsia, strategy and modern war initiatives necessary for such sophisticated internal war.

In the history of our country, this is perhaps the very first time the citizenry are experiencing the collection of Armed Forces Chiefs; COAS, CONS and COAS who are less vibrant, appearing defeated & un-interested and perhaps looking more of civilian chiefs in military garbs.

In the last few months, they’ve not been inspiring and re-assuring. If they don’t command the trust & confidence of their troops, how do they expect to command that of the bandits & insurgents?

It’s against this backdrop that the president insistence of retaining them in office is hurting, frustrating and most unfortunate, especially against the backdrop of economic activities that have literally collapsed particularly in the North East zone, the epicenter of the internal war.

By the president’s insistence, the C-in-C is preventing possible emergence of new set of brave, courageous, brilliant, resourceful, but purposeful young officers with capacity to dramatically alter the course of the tragic events and give the country a deserved victory over those men of evil.

The Senate & House of Reps chambers have spoken and eloquently too, through their resolutions that the service chiefs should be relieved of their jobs.

The political classes, leaders of thoughts, as well as socio-cultural groups have lent their voices to the discourse. CSO and eminent Nigerians, across the land, including the press community, have made their respective submissions. It’s important that the president listen to these collections of resounding voices across the nation.

Its our desire that the president succeeds and hugely too. Its also the responsibility of this writer to continue to submit write-ups that will confine PDP to dustbin of history. This piece is one of those submissions. President Buhari, please sir listen to Nigerians on this important issue. May Your Excellency lives long.

























































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