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OPINION: Despite Ayu’s Emergence, PDP Remains The Nation’s Problem, By Amzat


Of the bigwigs in the Nigeria political sphere today, very few could boast of the awesome political credentials of Senator Iyorchia Ayuparades.

The distinguished senator, an illustrious son of Gboko in Benue State is a political Icon of repute.

He is one of the very few political repository this precious nation has ever produced. Senator Ayu was a towering figure in the political space in 1993 having emerged as senate president.

Even though, his tenure lasted for barely one year, as top brass military bluntly refused to allow a full-blown democracy to reign by allowing Chief MKO Abiola’s presidency to be, Ayu clearly proved his worth as a patriotic, progressive, astute, shrewd, reliable and consistent politician, as well as a trusted leader in the ensuing struggle for the reign of democracy, leading his colleagues to persistently drumming it to the hearing of military chieftains of the need for them to allow democracy to come alive.

Indeed, he presided over one of the best crop of senators this country has ever had. The political foundation laid during his tenure as senate president continues to be beneficial and handy for our country democratic experiment even till date.

It’s against this backdrop that the astute and respected politician is being congratulated for emerging as chairman of PDP during the party’s recently concluded national convention. But, with Ayu’s impressive and tremendous antecedents as a progressive politician, it’s quite doubtful if he is the right person to superintend over the affairs of PDP. Recall that the senator was a candidate of SDP, the ruling progressive party when he became senate president.

Even though, the Gboko born politician has taken over the party, this development would not change the philosophy, ideals, traditions and the totality of what PDP represents.

Has Ayu emergence obliterated the total darkness the entire country was plunged during their reign? Has it changed anything with the mindless looting of the nation’s treasury, with the most tragic been the sharing of $2.1billion meant for Arms  jdeals amongst the PDP chieftains?

Would the people of this nation ever forget and forgive Minister Diezani Madueke for not only squandering billions of Nigeria Treasury on frivolities, but also flaunting on their faces the looted funds with uncanny arrogance and impunity? Would Nigeria also forget easily the sleaze that became of Malabu oil deal? And what of the regime of high-octane corruption in oil subsidy running into billions of Naira that pervaded the entire land in their time?

Many players in the oil & gas sector, even including the neophytes suddenly became multimillionaires and billionaires on account of loopholes they explored in fuel subsidy. And what of the regime of recklessness in managing the entire economy, a development that almost resulted in total collapse of the economy with banking & other financial institutions the hardest hit and also several manufacturing companies closing their operations and relocating to neighboring countries?

And of course, the foundation for the wide scale insecurity across the nation which indeed was laid during the administration of President Jonathan with the larger proportion of Borno, Gombe, Yobe and Taraba states completely taken over and dominated by Boko Haram and insurgents.

There were also ugly and unpalatable situation when some powerful PDP governors, through their governors forum almost hijack the power and authority from the then president.

Although Ayu has assumed the role of PDP chairman, he can’t unilaterally change the orientation and political beliefs of PDP members across the nation. He can’t be bigger than the party. The party hierarchy have their entrenched political philosophy. In states and other tiers of government where they presently reign, they have their system of governance which is only peculiar to them.

They have organized and structured way of looting the treasury. In-fact, if it ever happens that they stage a comeback, it would devastating and calamitous for the country. Theirs would be the case of horse accustomed to stay permanently on the bank of a river and that horse is suddenly taken away and it’s now returned back to the spot; Its second coming would be rapacious.

Suffice to submit that, the former senate president emergence would not change anything. The aristocrats in PDP knew why they identify him to lead the party and they might have agreed with him the areas of limitations that he shouldn’t venture till his tenure lasts.

Indeed, they’ve started by mandating him to throw the presidency open to all the zones when the time comes,not minding the fact that the presidency must be zone to the south for equity, fairness and orderliness to prevail.

The PDP hierarchy are also the only one who know why they are so desperate to return to power and authority. The 16 years they were in charge were period of locust and cankerworms ever witnessed in this country.

One expects them to take a deep reflection of their tenure in those years with the aims of correcting those fatal mistakes and misadventures, have a strategic and tactical framework, say 10 years minimum of planning a comeback when they might have sufficiently put their house in order and have in their ranks, new set of politicians sufficiently schooled and orientated in contemporary governance. There is no doubt that the present leadership of the party are the same people who destabilize and frustrated all the attempts of the nation to grow and develop some years back. Coming back to power so soon would simply be a taleof old wine in old bottle.

It’s against this backdrop that the enthusiasm that greeted the emergence of former senate president may be somehow short-lived.

Kola AMZAT(FCA,FCIB,ACS,CTP), Lagos Based Financial and Management Consultants. 09077509348










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