Home Letters OPINION: Fani-Kayode And His Parochialism, By Dr Olagbe Taiwo

OPINION: Fani-Kayode And His Parochialism, By Dr Olagbe Taiwo

, Femi Fani-Kayode
, Femi Fani-Kayode

It is obvious that Fani-Kayode has no modicum of shame. A stinking proverbial dog who has returned back to his vomiting. The likes of FK in our political enclave is why we are  in this current obfuscating conundrum and quagmire.

It is not an esoteric fact that FK mouth is only connected to and controlled by his stomach and not his brain. Albeit why he is lacking in sanity and common sense. The state of his stomach (Hungry/Full) controls his mouth.

Now that he is seriously hungry,he is now finding good things about the govt. He once lampooned, vilified and castigated to highest heaven. Shame unto Fani-Kayode!!!.

Where is honour? Where is integrity. Well,it will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for FK to go through the path of honour.

Apart from the fact that FK is lousy and gullible. He has shown how morally dirty he is and can hob-nob with Lucifer himself for a morsel, when he is really hungry.

The sage Obasanjo succinctly described him. “Give him food he will sing and dance for you”. He has continuously decked himself with this devious, conniving and humiliating toga.

FK is an opportunist and a charlatan, that is not capable of proper mental reasoning.

His devious innuendo has failed this time around.

If he thinks he can change the narration by his assailable rhetorics,with intention of selling us dummy. With his verbiage and verbosity of ” Holy spirit has led me back to Buhari,bla bla bla. It is high time he is waked up from his lullaby and melodramatic display of egoism.

FK has freely offered his dignity and honour on the mundane altar of politics. This will perpetually bring him odium in the court of public opinion.

“Unstable as water,thou shall not excel” ( Gen 49:4).


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