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OPINION: Folarin + Olamiju, Scion Of Akala Dynasty; APC Winning Formula To End Makinde’s Rule, Says Kola Amzat


Without any iota of doubt, it’s been an unusual and frustrating political time in Oyo State. In the past four years, it’s been lamentation and regret galore for the teeming APC members in the Pacesetter State for their thoughtless and damaging resolve in carelessly ceding the state to PDP’s Makinde led government and this they did on the platter of gold.

Of course, it’s an understatement to submit that the APC faithful in the state are now in anguish and deep pains watching on daily basis the mandate ordinarily belongs to them being executed by another party.

Traditionally, the state, just as other states in the South West geo-political zone has been the fortress and stronghold of the progressives for ages and the trend ought to have continued if not for the confusion, mutual distrust and crisis of confidence that engulfed the APC shortly before the last gubernatorial election in the state paving way for the emergence of the darkest horse in the annals of the state to take control of the government.

Being conscious of this fact and his political limitations, the incumbent governor have been doing everything humanly possible to ensuring that his reign extends beyond 2023. He tampered with the constitutionally elected local government chairmen by cutting short their tenures, a calculated measure he hoped would strengthen his political blocs through installing his own faithful and acolytes in local government offices across the state under the guise of a phantom LG election.

The governor has completely rendered powerless and ineffective the State House of Assembly by annexing that important arm of government as a component part of the executive arm.

Contracts being awarded for infrastructural projects across the state are been ridiculously overstated& overloaded, a measure designed to make available huge war chest for the governor to sufficiently prosecute the forthcoming gubernatorial election.The governor is also embarking on dismantling and silencing all the notable political blocs that brought him to power across the state.

Of course, we’re aware of notable and renowned political figures in Ibadan metropolis who don’t see eye to eye with the governor after they’ve assisted him climbing to power & authority. And of course, the governor might have expanded his coast at national level by planting his acolytes and faithful as prominent and visible members of PDP National Working Committees (NWC).

With all his subterranean moves as highlighted above, the governor might have fortified himself in all fronts so much that it may be difficult for him to be dislodged from office.  We must acknowledge that, it would be a royal and titanic battle to exit him from office, on account of the spirited moves he’s made both in the state and at the PDP national level to consolidate his reign.

Recall that former governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose once submitted that, Makinde is a quiet but very deadly politician. That speaks volume and eloquently painted the picture of a foe APC is compelled to dethrone during the forthcoming election.  There is no gainsaid the fact that Makinde will be prepared for all the weapons and arsenal expected to be thrown at him comes forthcoming elections.

Against this backdrop, all hands must be on deck not only to take the battle to himbut also to triumph overwhelmingly. APC members across the state must be resolute and relentless in claiming the state back from PDP. It’s incumbent on all of us to sacrifice in order to ensure victory for the party at polls.

This is where the spirit of give and take comes in. Makinde would not be dislodged by sentiments, emotions, propaganda, but only by calculated and pragmatic efforts that would completely overwhelm, subdue, outbox and outmaneuver him, so much that he won’t have any option other than to surrender.

The major arsenal amongst other factors to be deployed is emergence of very strong & experienced, trusted & tested candidates, with impervious and indomitable political blocs spread all over the state, with tremendous capacity to battle to standstill the influence and political structures that the governor has laid across the state in the last two and half years.

Without any doubt, the combination of Alao-Akala impressive and fortified political machinery across the state and the influence of Senator TeslimFolarin within Ibadan is good enough to send Makinde packing.

At least in this generation, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala would continue to live in the hearts and souls of the populace in the state on account of several lifes he touched and empowered, as well as numerous projects executed during his remarkable and memorable tenure as governor. Interestingly, his political blocs across continue to flourish and blossom.

This is a huge advantage for the party. Senator TeslimFolarin distinguished himself in the upper chamber during his reign as senate leader while PDP held sway at the center. In the present senate while he’s on APC platform, he hasn’t done badly. His political machinery within Ibadan metropolis is obviously alive and well.

The combination of Akala political dynasty with Olamiju, the scion of the bloc and that of Folarin, coupled with other extraneous factors would of course be a mountain too difficult for Makinde to climb.

I’d submitted in several of contributions in Nigerian tabloid and even, social media platform that Governor Makinde must count himself lucky for the unique gift that providence handed over to him to ever grace the state governor’s office and comes 2023, the curtains will be drawn on his reign. But, we in APC must work in accord and unison to make this assertion manifest.


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