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OPINION: For Nigeria To Remain An Indissoluble Entity, By Kola Amzat


Nigeria commands the attention and respect of the international community essentially on account of her rich diversity, coupled with her vibrant, very resourceful, as well as a highly ubiquitous population which the world has considered as treasure and valuable asset, so much that she has become the bride and cynosure of the globe.

Those wonderful traditions, cultures, beliefs, natural endowments, languages etc. that combined together to made up her diversity and made her tick, as well as making her very important in the eyes of the world are now under threat of eternal extinction consequent upon worrisome and unwholesome developments unfolding on daily basis across the nation.

There is a constant threat of secession in the southeast geo-political zone. IPOB, a liberation movement are constantly up in arms against the government and the people of the east, demanding for the declaration of Biafran Republic.

In the past few months, they’ve rendered the entire zone ungovernable for the governors, through their continuous declaration of sit down at home order and in the process, about to ground to a halt political and socio-economic activities within the zone. They’ve destroyed many public institutions; they’ve maimed and killed hundreds of innocent people, including a number of public figures; they’ve invaded correctional centers letting loose so many hardened and condemned inmates, thus compounding the already polarized insecurity atmosphere in the zone and in Nigeria in general.

Even though, the Yoruba leaders in the southwest have spoken vehemently against secession by taking a resolution that the zone in categorical terms, abhors any attempt-overt or covert meant to split Nigeria, this hasn’t deterred the agitations and demands for a separate entity called Oduduwa Republic. This hasn’t halted the agitators gathering particularly on all the nation historical days and symbolic centers to always converge with the sole agenda of demanding for a separate nation for the zone.

Although, already pale into insignificance, also there were pockets of agitations for the declaration of a new country in the South south spearheaded by militant groups in the recent past. It’s the intervention of the elders of the zone that silenced the agitators.

In all this, there is a constant justifications for the agitations emanating from different zones. Agitators and secessionists are crying of injustice, inequality and unfair treatments of other zones in the ways and manners the affairs of the nation are being conducted.

They accused the government of nepotism. Key appointments at the federal level are ridiculously and hugely been skewed in favor of the north. The top offices at the federal ministries are populated by the north.

Distribution of the nation’s wealth doesn’t fare better,as there is a strategic framework in place to always ensure that its structure in favor of the north. Even, the top hierarchy and other sensitive positions in the nation armed forces, police and other forces are dominated by the north.

The agitators also accused the federal authority of running away from restructuring the nation, a concept they believe would significantly correct some of these anomalies and deficiencies and ultimately, give the people of other zones sense of belonging, sense of stakeholdership, as well as fulfillment as a bonafide citizen of Nigeria.Of course, to say there is widespread hunger in the land is gross understatement.

The nation is pitiably ravaged by unemployment. There is no time in the annals of this country than now, that our economy is badly been tormented with Naira persistently declining in values against other global currencies. The currency is presently about #580/$. This is worst our currency has ever degenerated! And CBN is not forthcoming with justifiable reasons.

There is widespread violence and pandemonium in the land. Bandits, marauders and kidnappers have taken over the nation with their dastard and nefarious activities quite predominant in the North West, North east and part of the North central. Herdsmen are terrorizing farmers all over Nigeria on hourly basis, maiming them and destroying in large scale farm produce.

Quite a number of schools particularly in the north have been closed for fear of kidnappers. Incidentally, the elites are not spared, as every home is experiencing the regime of horror, pains and tribulations being inflicted on Nigerians by these criminals all over the country.

Compounding the whole matter is the vociferous voices of northern elders in the build to 2023 general elections that the north still desire clinging to power and authority at the center. This has not sit down well with people of other zones who felt that the north is holding themselves out, as being eternally superior to other zones.

They are of the view that the country belong to all of us and the onus lies on all the stakeholders to ensure that, we don’t engage in unwholesome and unpatriotic acts capable of further affecting her unity, oneness and indivisible status. What should preoccupy Nigerians regardless of political or ethnic affiliations at a time like this is to fasten the bond of unity and togetherness that have long existed between us.

To assuage the feeling of the generality of Nigerians particularly the southerners, there is clarion call that power and authority must move to the south and the momentum is building up and indeed assuming an immeasurable dimension with the endorsement of APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu by stakeholders across the nation-political class, governors, federal lawmakers, top government functionaries, leaders of thoughts, traditional rulers, women groups, youth movements etc.

Despite the fact he hasn’t formally declared his ambition, there is iota of doubt that the generality of the countrymen & women desire him to lead the nation after President Muhammed Buhari comes 2023.

This is a cause this writer is encouraging and imploring the northern elders, aristocrats and the political class to warmly embrace.

In a nation of multiple ethnic and religious groups, as well as huge diversity as Nigeria, the only option we have to ensure that the geographical entity remains indissoluble and united is to embrace the spirit and political philosophy of making Nigerians regardless of their creed, religion, ethnicity, beliefs, sex etc to feel sense of belonging by making power to rotate from time to time.

Nigerians across the nation desire new direction. People desire new paradigm and new philosophy. The country is in dire need of reengineering, reinventing, repositioning and perhaps, rebranding. Indeed, we’ve been on this plane for unreasonable length of time.

It would benefit all the stakeholders in the Nigerian entity particularly the rich & wealthy, as well as the political class for our major revenue earner-oil & gas to continue flowing with associated dollars accruing and rolling into the nation account. It would also profit all and sundry for other nation’s sources of revenue to remained unthreatened so that they could continue to compliment oil resources in the growth and development of our country.

Powershift to the south is a major strategy and part of deliberate and coordinated initiatives to halt the persistent agitations. Incidentally, if the north allow it to be, power and authority to lead our dear nation would be hopefully conferred on a credible, reliable, trusted and tested administrator of repute to lead the nation from 2023. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has seen it all. He has sufficiently prepared for the topmost job and there is no doubt, he won’t be found wanting.

He has an understanding and insight of what to do particularly with respect to economy, infrastructures, socio-political etc. He is familiar with all the nooks and crannies of the nation and their peculiarities.

Of course, the nation will benefit immensely from the relationships he has developed over decades with political and business leaders across the world. With him, the country case would not be the case of a leader who use the throne as a chess game. Let give Asiwaju Tinubu a chance. He knows what to do with the good people of south east. He’s accustomed with what to do in the south south. Of course, he has perfect idea of what the north needs. His emergence will immensely douse the tension of agitations in our country.


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